August 2011 Kwik-cools

August 2011 Kwik cools

US wasted at least $31 billion in war contracts. Oh, but ‘wasted’ is such a harsh word – it went into the ‘right’ pockets, right?

Jigsaw piece of Texas mated piece of Antarctic until a supercontinent (*) broke up 1 billion years ago

Animated sheet music: ‘So What’, Miles Davis

• RIP Techno Rebels author Dan Sicko

• NBC Philadelphia = 135 Hurricane Irene photos (slideshow/manual)

• Marveloid: Edgar Burroughs’ first Tarzan story appeared in All-Story Magazine in August, 1912; it cost 15¢. In 2006 a copy of that 94-year-old pulp magazine sold in Dallas for nearly $60,000. Biff was onto something.

Taxpayer-owned foreclosed homes to be sold to private investors at pennies on the dollar. Nice work if you can get it.

New supernova spotted by Palomar robot (*) is ‘only’ 21 MLY away

• Antibiotics may permanently kill off ‘good bacteria’, with bad consequences

• Planet 60,000 km in diameter made of diamond rotates 160 times each second. What a world!!

Steve Jobs resigns effective immediately.

• Taibbi: Fix in for the banks w/ Obama admin

• Mozilla’s WebAPI will allow developing for any phone.

Fall On Your Sword – dfa radiomix #18

• Stross: Why I’m not on Google Plus

40 noises that built pop (Word Mag, super)

• Matos: How ‘electronica’ was sold to America

Stephen Thrower on the history of horror movie music

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life comics

54 issues of Rock Scene online! (pages turn at top right)

• HP TouchPads close out for $100 + 10 uses for one

Hugo Award winners announced

One two posts from the G+ Nym Wars (via Doctorow)

West Memphis Three trade away justice for freedom

• Ursula LeGuin – Would You Please Fucking Stop?

An hour of selections from artist’s netlabel Ember Music