Music-Makers Should Embrace Video Games

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The early history of music and video games is fondly remembered by gaming enthusiasts: an electronic chorus of wailing mass produced chips worked upon by unsung musical geniuses. We thought they were pioneers. They thought they were film industry rejects. We were both right….

It cannot be a coincidence that the few games that have embraced popular tunes to bolster their atmosphere are also among the few that have set the industry alight in recent years. Any other scenario would require the creativity to come from the music industry itself, and good luck with that. Among the luminaries of the last decade, we’ve got the Grand Theft Auto series, which innovatively featured a mix of radio stations along genre lines (that were cleverly coordinated with each city’s gangs). Getting around the fact that budgets were small and the music industry wasn’t especially interested, earlier games featured songs by lesser-known artists who deserved the exposure. Little Big Planet would repeat this, giving well deserved exposure to experimental rock groups and foreign artists…..