The Real Krautrock Story (Klaus Mueller)

The Real Krautrock Story

Klaus D. Mueller, biographer and publicity manager for famous German electronic musician Klaus Schulze (60+ albums) wrote this article in 1997 to separate the facts from the bullshit about Krautrock.

Amon Düül

It remains online thanks to Perfect Sound.

… There were all kinds of books about this German rock from the seventies, and nobody outside the collector circles noticed it. Then came the Julian Cope book and shortly after, all the press people wrote about “Krautrock”, one worse than the other.

In a huge German magazine that is given out free in a large chain of record stores, a writer reported about the tour of the re-united Amon Duul (normal result of the record company’s press activity). In this article, the whole Krautrock scene was also mentioned. Suddenly nearly everything and every musician was “electronics” then (which is just not true; besides Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and the Kraftwerk-clan it was close to nobody else)….

At the moment “Krautrock” is a small wave in Germany. From the smallest to the most serious, each magazine reported about it. And what I read was (95%) just bullshit.


Klaus D. Mueller interview – about German rock in the 60s, 70s, 80s articles – much helpful reading