Top Score composer series (MPR)

Top Score is a really fantastic podcast series for anyone interested in music, composition and/or videogames.


Season 2 has just begun with a 35-minute discussion with Martin O’Donnell, who’s been dreaming up, creating and conducting the music for Bungie’s Halo videogame for 10 years. And it’s the first of a 2-part interview!

This is groundbreaking music radio – you seldom hear an experienced pro talk about their craft in detail, let alone with an enthusiastic, well-educated host. AND she’s a gamer. Interviews with composers of many other games are available through the archive, via RSS or iTunes.

The story behind Top Score

Oh yeah … and MPR still manages everyday world-class classical music programming with apparent ease. These people are the best. Luckily – well ok, thanks to online streaming – noone has to live within antenna range anymore.