October 2011 Kwik-cools

October 2011 Kwik cools

Defend yourself against tear gas

7-minute Halloween minimix (23 tracks)-Krafty Kuts [via MeFi ] plus! Disco Argento II(get it while you can!)

EXFM now offers a (curated) mixtape of the month. They also offer an add-on that tracks MP3s as you surf. интересный!

★ CBS Radio Mystery Theatre has put up 1399 episodes as MP3s.

Oakland cops leave two tour Iraq veteran Scott Olson with fractured skull. When people go to help him, cops throw grenade into their midst!
When Egypt teargassed and beat protestors in Tahrir Square, the world, including the Obama administration, howled in outrage. But when police did the same to Americans in Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza, the Obama administration said nothing.” – Ryan Singel
Update: Egyptians march in support of OccupyOakland

Learjet repo man. ‘Air-raising tales!

★ Look at this 1903 Ladies Home Journal page (PDF) and be amazed at how our knowledge of the world has changed.

★ The Free Network Foundation describing what “Free Network” means

★ World is angry about Goggle Reader getting the axe. (Goggle shrugs…)

★ A whole bunch of Art Tatum links … via MeFi

occupy is now a banned search term in China. Why do we buy their crap? Zucotti Park before occupy

I believe we are past the stage of national existence when we could look on complacently at the individual who skinned the land and was content for the sake of three year’s profit for himself to leave a desert for the children of those who were to inherit the soil. – Theodore Roosevelt

exfm for Firefox is a plug=in that ‘discovers music all day long.’

Another great pro OWS video product [via idealistpropaganda]

Great pix set of NYC’s East Side 1975-1986 [via Dangerous Minds]

92-year-old Pete Seeger’s visit to OWS

★ Bicycle lanes create 46 percent more jobs than car-only road projects.

★ Guerilla Mail … free one-hour e-mail boxes.

Kadafi insanely rich? … just like US leaders! Story is interesting example of modern propaganda.

6 replacements for Goggle’s reader (being folded into G+ … Larry cleaning his room?)

Awlaki’s 16-year-old American son killed by US. Is there any sense of decency left? Anyone still asking ‘why do they hate us’?

Use a smartphone or Facebook? Don’t watch this, especially from 25 minutes on in. Nothing to hide, right?

Chris Poole on online ‘identity’

Major flood engulfing Bangkok

Pennsylvania thieves steal a whole bridge (more)

★ BELIEVE IT OR ELSE: In 1992, Carl Sagan was denied admission to the US National Academy of Sciences.

NYMag: The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright (long)

Moog introduces new Animoog iPad app … $1 for a limited-time!

Table salt will boost HD storage by a factor of SIX!

6 classic kids’ cartoons made from recycled parts

Oct. 15 OccupySeattle 3000 strong (slideshow)(Eugene)(Vancouver)
+ Cleveland police donate personal tents to protestors.

[via Atom Jack]

★ 2012 Mexican docu will share evidence of Mayan-alien contact.

Chris Hedges rips CBC “news” a new one (more)

Like iOS5? Thank a hacker

I Am Not Moving. Video too ‘disturbing’ (honest), YT wants you to sign in to see it, so watch it here instead. (Update: Looks like Goggle took off the blinkers.)
+ LA City Council resolution supporting OccupyLA

★ Why Finnish schools are so good.

★ Archeo’s use 4-prop micro-drone to image ruins

Matt Taibbi’s hints for OWS

★ One-man march for the homeless – Montana to LA

★ Oct. 11 mid-night raid by Boston cops – in full riot gear – reports of arrest of legal observers and medics. (@Reddit) (@photo)

The True Cost of Commuting ruminates on how expensive cars can be.

We Are the 99% blog continues to tell 100s of stories

Cliff collapse (Cornwall) caught on video.

Long Live the New American Revolution (longish but plain-spoken)

Secret History of RnR (Knowles, Red Ice, 72m)

Short, pro quality OccupyWallSt video (7m)

Men At Work Lose Final Appeal For Using Brief Riff Of “Kookaburra” in Down Under. Insane.

Producers vs. Predators [via Atom Jack]

Republic, Lost. Lessig on Maddow.

★ 2010 – Capital punishment – World top 5:

    • China (2000+)
      Iran (252+)
      North Korea (60+)
      Yemen (53+)
      USA (46)

I know we can do better.

★ Umm – skip the prostate test, Bucko. The man who developed the test…has called its widespread use a public health disaster.

Sarcastic responses to well-meaning signs

★ The oil politics behind the Solyndra ‘scandal’. (Clean energy now employs 2.7 million – more than fossil fuels.)

★ Geobiologist Felisa Wolfe-Simon on getting the Shechtman treatment. (Kuhn and Feyerabend are spinning in delight.) Oh, and Mono Lake is amazingly odd. Mono Lake

Twitter reactions to Job’s death. After hearing I started up iTunes, and ‘shuffle’ mode picked Henry Gross’ hit ‘Shannon’. Ay yay.

Nobel chemistry prizewinner was ridiculed and ejected for his discovery.

Amy Goodman & team win $100,000 for cop brutality at the 2008 RNC.

Feynman on beauty & science (set to fine video)

★ California enacts Reader Privacy Act.

★ Coping in Greece: barter networks growing.

OWS participant crushes CNN reporter’s questions

★ Tom’s Hardware: latest Browser performance numbers

David Simon, creator of The Wire: ‘someone is going to pick up a brick’. (57m) [via MeFi]

When they tell you that you’re rebelling against them in the wrong way, you’re winning
A hitherto dormant establishment of New York labor and community groups signed on to the protest today and announced they’d join the dirty fucking spoiled computer-wielding scumbucket hippie monsters in a solidarity march next Wednesday.
– The first OWS Journal has been published.
1992 Thousands of police protested on the Brooklyn bridge, none arrested

Declaration of Occupation of NYC (Sep.29)

★ How Germany plans to get to 50% renewable energy by 2030

NPR: Psychology (crowdsourced Germans!) solved a WW2 AU shipwreck mystery

★ Sep. 30: US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki is the first in history to be killed with no trial by Federal decree. Next?

Fermilab‘s Tevatron shuts down after 28 years

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