November 2011 Kwik cools

November 2011 Kwik cools

Combined Systems of Jamestown, PA ships 7 tons of teargas to Egypt. Nothing personal … it’s just business, ya know?

Canadian natives suffer inadequate housing while Gov. & DeBeers exploit their land for $hundreds of millions.

SoundDesigners has linked a mellow, spacy mix stream (76m) by Berlin’s Delta Funktionen (w/interview). Techno craft. (Review) (DF Website)

I’ve added a link to vid doc People Who Do Noise (80m) to the sidebar. Several people from the Portland area. [via Dangerous Minds] ( Another, Edmonton, Alberta, noise video (20m)

Elizabeth Warren on how/why US healthcare is sick, sick

8 gadgets that lie to you every day. (Cracked)

10 myths about introverts. Now go away.

‘CarrierIQ’ rootkit secretly chronicles user phone experience. Update: Eckhart video reveals ‘features’. (More)(More)

Love Goes to Buildings On Fire is a new book about the mid-70s NYC music scene by Rolling Stone critic Will Hermes.

I’ve added a link to vid doc The Art of Sound about musique concrete composer Pierre Henry to the sidebar. (French, subtitles)

Hitler reacts to pepper-spray-cop meme

Wind Energy 101. Up-to-date and readable. The world installed 20% more windpower last year alone … adding the equivalent of over 30 full-size nuclear plants, with no waste.

StreetView shots of isolated places that are supposedly going viral.

My Other Me is a film-in-the-works about cosplay

★ ACLU: License Plate Scanners Logging Our Every Move.”
‘But, hey, if you’re not doing anything wrong…’ (the video)

FACT mix #300 features sparse deepunder techno by Berlin’s Objekt. He’s a programmer at Native Instruments – can you tell? FACT #301 is also fine.

Electric Rain” mix by MSOTT (Rachel) is 75m of refreshing, inventive ambient synth. (More info, website)
Edwin van Cleef’s November Mix is 53m of dancey feel-good!
(both via MeFi)

Who Left A Tree, Then A Coffin In The Library?
(ok I promise no more ‘who’ questions this week)

Who smashed the laptops from OWS? (One guess.)

What makes music boring?

BB: Story of the NYC OWS ‘bat-signal’ projections

★’s 100 Greatest Dance Records. Complete with YT links to each and every. promises to ‘share and discover great radio.’

Citrusonic’s ‘Computer Music Live’ is interesting and like nothing I’ve heard before. As Cage wrote Nancarrow, ‘the musiC yOu make isN’t Like any Other: ­thaNk you’.

Solipsistic Nation: an intense hour by Mobthrow, live at Lyon, France’s Riddim Collision. (More?!)

84-year-old Seattle woman pepper-sprayed. Who’s the ‘hero’ who did this? Take your choice. Is this what generations of US veterans fought for?

Added to the sidebar today: a 90-minute documentary on the store and label Rough Trade

Earth seen from ISS in HD – eerie, includes auroras & Jan Jelinek track

The skin sees ultraviolet light. No, sees it.

Morrissey OKs Smiths song use in Christmas campaign of employee-owned John Lewist stores.

Dream image recorded by brain scan. EH-OH!!

The Mars curse has struck again, stranding Russia’s Phobos-Grunt sample return mission in Earth orbit.

Republic Wireless phone: $20/mo unlimited everything

There are two certainties in life. One, don't do that. And Two, you dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a fuckin education you coulda got for a dollah fifty in late charges at the public library.

The Social Graph is neither. (an alternative view)

Mastodons were hunted in NW Washington 13,80o years ago

Guide to London slang… by neighborhood

No pipeline for Nebraska’s aquifer. Ha ha.

Oakland ex-cop must pay $40K of his money to two men he stopped. There should be more of that.

“Our goal wasn’t to overthrow the establishment, but to make it irrelevant.”

Uma’s dad Bob Thurman speaks to ‘cool heros’ at Liberty Plaza

Early 80s mix credited to Larry Levan (Paradise) [via Dangerous Minds]

Eno on bizarre instruments ( Telegraph) as part of the Oramics to Electronica exhibition at London’s Science Museum.

Forget commuting. Instead, Remember Building 7.

Dig deep house mix fm Planet E (Carl Craig) (1 hr) at [via Sounddesigners]

Going Quantum podcast. New, weekly, pro electro/dubstep mix. A+ audio work. (Fo mo see also Monstercat)

Volume 13 of Electroschlag on Hypnagothique is a another wide-ranging sonic adventure, this time by DJ Vrhovny.

Explosive breach of WA’s Condit Dam (Oct. 26) + draining of reservoir. (Project Website)

★ 650,000 Americans joined credit unions last month – more than in all of 2010. WAY to go, 99%!

Not so pedestrian footbridges – designs seem inspired by Apple?

★ Great new William Gibson interview. [via Daily Grail]

Some people were extremely upset by the first Edison recordings. It nauseated them, terrified them. It sounded like the devil, they said, this evil unnatural technology that offered the potential of hearing the dead speak.

What the protests are about, spelled out so even TV can understand. All of a sudden the unions found their voices.

Former Goggle Reader honcho heaps SCATHE on recent changes.

Garageband for iPhone will run you 501MB. At one cent per Meg.

WFMU’s Popular Guide to Unpopular Music is a many-articled, detailed read about the American Mavericks of experimental music.

Junglist? Into DieselBoy, Dara, AK1200, Hive? then Apok-C DnB Podcast has six sick mixen up4u. Real kahuna.

Wired spells out why is the new ‘it’ site

via Undernews

★ Bieber PO’d about FreeBieber cease and desist … and says MN dork Amy Klobuchar should be tossed in jail. (Alongside Bachmann? Deal.)

360-foot wind-turbine erection in 7-minutes

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