December 2011 Kwik Cools

December 2011 Kwik cools

★ How German automakers make twice as much money, & twice as many cars as the US.

The 1% speaks: “Who gives a crap about some imbecile? Are you kidding me?” – Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus on OWS
Update: Home Depot CEO resigns with a $210 million severance package.

★ Roth to join Van Halens for 2012 tour. Feels so good? Won’t get fooled again?

EM gear: Richard Devine’s vimeo channel. No fooling.

★ US 15 year-old finishes climbing all seven summits.

★ Guardian asks: So what’s life like for artists who’ve had big Xmas hits?

★ MeFi: Get in the Xmas mood with Toekneesan’s Special Snowflakes (making, playing in, videos, music …)

MeFi: Jazz does Xmas (multiple vid links)

★ NYTimes: How the Big Lie works. (More)

★ GoDaddy loses over 36,000 domains in 2 days thanks to its SOPA support. Ha!

White Spaces is a new kind of Wi-Fi said to be much faster. (at Wikipedia)

★ There needs to be a blog about all the great Tumblr blogs. Like this beatnik one.

★ The real story behind Apple’s Think Different campaign

Added a link to 57-minute BBC video Def Jam Story to the sidebar.

Kim Jong-Il dropping the bass. Man was everywhere.

Fire in the Library: article on the Archive Team that saves online collections (like GeoCities) the Corps lay waste to. [via brewster kahle] ( (AT wiki)

★ Stanford Law: Don’t Break the Internet.
The Congress hasn’t had so many hair-brains in a century.

Can ‘science’ predict a hit song? Hmm, well, it has discovered that ‘the hit potential of a song depends on the era.’ (That’s a start!)

Metafilter’s list of best songs of the year lists. Includes links to dozens of videos. I always think it’s funny when they start at #50, like oh, sure, that’s the ones we care about. Interesting, M83 ripping-off Caribou’s squeaky wheel (“Odessa”).

NASA has a music radio station?? Go figure.

★ Harper’s publisher: Dump Obama. The promises were all BS.

(Mixed genres) Smashingly nasty mix BehindClosedDoors#31. (e.g. Paul Catten)

Mobile-corps to Franken: consumers agreed to spying when they signed up.

Nugent’s Zuckerberg’s dead buffalo head. Because there’s no price on class.

Direct video, the Louis CK way.
Update: He’s now taken $1M (at $5 a pop)

Added a link to 49-minute video New York Punk to the sidebar.

★ 65 punks at concert shaved by Indonesian police. … a Tale of Two Tribes.

Two lost Dr. Who episodes found … (first finds since 2004)

Abandoned Chinese Disneyworld, just outside Beijing. [via MeFi]

KnowYourMeme’s Best Memes of 2011. Let’s hear it for Rebecca.

★ Canada withdraws from Kyoto protocol. Gotta sell that black goo … never mind the future.

★ FBI turns down FOIA request about Carrier ‘IQ’ spying

★ What’s the coolest thing you can see with a consumer-grade telescope? [Reddit]

Why are Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, and more singing for Megaupload?
Update: Youtube restored the Mega video.

The single best thing for your health is … (9m)

★ Madness takes its toll: The debacle, Hillary Clinton’s BS, and SOPA. [].
Update: Sen. Wyden wants answers.

★ $15 macro lens on-a-band works with any phone camera

Sharp’s new phone has image-stabilized camera

★ Hey Wall Street: even trapped rats feel empathy

Human evolution in the past 10,000 years (Reddit)

★ GQ: Freeing of the West Memphis Three

Anti-piracy campaign … stole the music it uses.

OCCUPY 99% Declaration – from full page SF Chron ad.

FACT’s 20 best albums of 2011. And here’s what Oxford’s thinks is best. (It’s no surprise that Rachel Evans is on both.)

Kepler finds its first planet in the habitable zone

400 images it’s hard to believe aren’t Photoshopped

How to buy a car (5 min)

Jonah Mowry’s found some new friends.

Funny video promotes world’s largest model railway in Hamburg, DE. 13 km of track! Huge airport! ( Miniatur Wunderland site )

15 massively popular, seldom mentioned websites

★ (PDF) Guide to ethical US restaurant eating [via BoingBoing]

Dolphin language breakthrough – seeing with sound

Combined Systems of Jamestown, PA ships 7 tons of teargas to Egypt. Nothing personal … it’s just business, ya know?

‘CarrierIQ’ rootkit secretly chronicles user phone experience.
Update: Eckhart video reveals ‘features’. (More)(More)
Update: Yes, it’s on iPhone too. (More)(More)
Apple:”We stopped supporting CarrierIQ with iOS 5 in most of our products and will remove it completely in a future software update.”
• Hackers publicized CIQ no later than March 2011.
Critics bash Carrier
Wikileaks: Assange to phone users: You’re screwed. Worldwide: Spyfiles
Update: December 25 – news on CIQ carriers
, Carrier ‘explains’ and denies FBI connection, EFF invites techie help after learning this

Canadian natives suffer inadequate housing while Gov. & DeBeers exploit their land for $hundreds of millions.

SoundDesigners has linked a mellow, spacy mix stream (76m) by Berlin’s Delta Funktionen (w/interview). Techno craft. (Review) (DF Website)

I’ve added a link to vid doc People Who Do Noise (80m) to the sidebar. Several people from the Portland area. [via Dangerous Minds] ( Another, Edmonton, Alberta, noise video (20m)

Elizabeth Warren on how/why US healthcare is sick, sick

8 gadgets that lie to you every day. (Cracked)

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