January 2012 AUDs and ENDs

January 2012 AUDs & ENDs

* The NYTimes ‘splains what’s happenin with 17,000 tracks recorded by folklorist, ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax (it’s his birthday)

VID Slam poet Marshall Soulful Jones skillfully disses digital life. IMG For example

VID Hello Dddddooollllyyyy (Parton slowed waaaay down)

* Two Dutch ISPs refuse to block Pirate Bay. (Two more have no choice.)

* Man ‘forgotten’ in a New Mexico jail gets a $22 million award.(more)(more)(BTW, NM is the #1 US sinkhole for Federal money)

VID Titanium is currently a widely-charting song by French (that’s rare) DJ David Guetta, vocal by Sia. (10 years since Bedingfield)

IMG Norwegian skies cooked up some fine auroras last weekend.

MIX XLR8R’s mix podcast of Mano Le Tough‘s melodic Irish DJ sensibility is like a scenic drive-through. (67m)

* Filetea is an anonymous browser-to-browser file-sharing service.

VID ADDED Soul Train:The Hippest Trip in America (62m) to sidebar. History & influence of the TV show that began in 1971 & lasted 35 years.

MP3 Solipsistic Nation showcases moody ambience – two live gigs by Pimmon (AU) and Landcrash (UK). With interviews. (87m)

* Mysterious sounds from the skies – real or faked?

* Molly Rausch’s colorful postage stamp paintings add the backgrounds the designers were forced to leave out. [via Laughing Squid]

* Adafruit has announced FLORA, her new wearable electronics platform. Dozens of projects have been promised.

VID EM artist Bassnectar explains what Dubstep is. (10m) [via MeFi]

VID Spiffy time-lapse video from Yosemite Nat’l Park. Music by M83.

* Since 2000, nine of the ten hottest years on record have occurred.

* Canadian gov’t covered-up radioactive rain in Calgary (8Bq/l) after Fukushima.

* Bronx man gets $44 million hospital bill.

* Is ‘cold fusion’ really about to produce devices for homemade power? It seems one NASA scientist says ‘yes’. Maybe because a scientist in Italy is already making them.

MIX XLR8R offers a futuristic tech-house mix from L.A.’s skilled DJ Santiago Salizar (72m)

* US DOJ: Constitution protects the right to record police officers in public places.

* 35,000 volunteers have found over 5000 star bubbles at the Milky Way Project site. (Pros found only 270 before their eyes gave out.)

IMG Thanking Jesus.

* 2002 record broken: paper folded in half 13 times

* Gizmodo: Google just made Bing the best search engine

* Had your memes checked lately? Make sure you’re not missing any at the Daily Omnivore.

* Squirrely NASA goes after another astronaut for selling something he thought was his. (Could it be because they lost the moon-landing videos?)

Sounddesigners offers a Tribute to Berlin techno duo and record label Basic Channel.(66m) It’s due: They helped launch Monolake’s career! A beauty….
MP3 … and the Tachyon Netlabel wants you to listen to room101’s SLOW TRAIN.(68m) Why would you not?

VID The Boombox Project is an HD look at a skilled photographer who prizes vintage boomboxen. (8m)

NPR Actor George Takei describes growing up in a Japanese-American internment camp

* OWS explains what it accomplished: 2011: A Year in Revolt.

AUD Partys Over Earth iz medley from new ZZT (DE<>CA) album. blip chip

VID ADDED Universal Techno (62m) to sidebar. (French film, multi-language, Detroit parts in English) From 1996, still one of the best shorter,sophisticated films on what drives modern EM.

* Vegetarian converts will include Lady Gaga, who will wear a dress made entirely of heirloom tomatoes, and Meatloaf will change his name to Tofuloaf. – Krassner on 2012

VID One guitar, 5 players. Wasn’t there a law about that?

VID Washington State governor comes out for gay marriage, will introduce the bill.

* How to hide from machines (by adopting some strange fashions)

* Paradigm has a new Henry Rollins interview up [via idealist propaganda]
* Cellphone file-sharing (without computers) in Africa

* Peter Frampton has been re-united with the guitar he lost in 1980.

NPR Are expensive violins really all that different?

* Remember the thousands of blackbirds that fell dead last year in Arkansas? It happened again.

* Russian-Records.com is a website dedicated to old Russian 78s. Click on a picture-label to listen! [via MeFi]

MIX Dirty Dubstep Ep. 22 & 23 – 100m of fun – Going Quantum

* WHEE! The US starts the new year with 40,000 new State laws. No that’s not a typo.

VID Doctorow: the Coming War on General Purpose Computers (transcript available) (by ‘coming’ he means ‘now’)

MP3 Shane Morris’ 3-track ‘meditative ambient’ (dedicated to P.K. Dick) Set the Penfield Mood Organ to Aware.

* Ebert on why movie revenues are dropping

* Wikizic wants to be the world’s largest ‘music virtual museum. Until then, it might still be useful.

MIX Unmaker – EM from B.C. & San Diego (61m) A pack of inventive trax journeys you to multiple ports of call.

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