PIPA/SOPA breaks the internet

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet
from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

* What Craigslist has to say

* Wikipedia will go black Jan 18 to protest anti-internet legislation. As will many other sites to reach mixed-up Senators like PIPA-supporter Al Franken. Many sites will redirect to this page.

* There’s a list of some of the participating websites on this SOPA STRIKE page. YAY WORDPRESS!!

* SOPA becoming election liability for backers

* Wikipedia reports Jan 18 2100 UTC that 90 million people have seen the blackout page.

* Senator Ron Wyden thanks the internet for “standing up for what’s important” and reminds us that it isn’t over yet.

SOPA as it stands now, or as it stood before they paused to think about it, is extremely ill thought out, and a basically crazily Draconian piece of legislation.William Gibson

* Inventor of WWW, Tim Berners-Lee, speaks out against SOPA/PIPA