February 2012 AUDs and ENDs


* RIP Daydream Believer

MIX A 2001 legend, DJ/rupture‘s Gold Teeth Thief – with track list,,,, ‘hip hop, ragga, breakcore, jungle, noise’ & more.

* A Brief History of Chipmusic. Look for a large dump of Chipinfo right here in a couple of weeks.

* Strange Days Indeed: Google’s Artificially-Lame Youtube computers identify birdsong in a video as a Rumblefish song. [via slashdot.com] Lucky for Beethoven the statute of limitations has expired. Rumor: Rumblefish is excited about picking up some royalties on their only album.

* In 1977 a London DJ’s listeners sent him their worst records. He aired them on 4 shows. Can you take it for 4 hours? (Dr.E wil not be held responsible.) This one was voted the worst

MP3 This is Acting Together Intro by Bay Area sound artist David R. Molina. Reminds me of early Isham (best compliment I know); for more visit his site and drop-down the Music menu.

MP3 Chiptune versions of 2 Daft Punk albums. For your weekend listening enjoyment. [via MeFi. io9 post.]

* OWS Congress to meet July 4 in Philly. Be sure to wear a flower in your hair.

* Wired: Places musicians died.

* Flowers grow from seeds a squirrel buried 30,000 years ago.

(Reminds me of all the old bands re-forming lately!)

* For its 75th anniversary, 75 videos with Ray Scott car-tune Powerhouse as music.

* Videolan has released VLC 2.0, ‘a major upgrade’ to its free media player.

* Springsteen: What was done to my country was unAmerican.

* Popspots: album cover locations Sherlocked [via MeFi]

TEK DIY music-box

MIX Music for Programming (elec ambient)(62m)

* The music industry’s funny money

* NYT: Legal violations in 400 recent SF foreclosures

VID Congrats2 EM Album Grammy winner Skrillex. No doubt debut album ‘Voltage will do ok on release. ( Website )

* An Atlantic piece is titled The Misunderstood Power of Michael Jackson’s Music.

IMG World’s 20 most beautiful bookstores. [via idealistpropaganda] Stores with chairs rule.

* Italian inventor’s cold fusion claims appear to be fraudulent. Damn.

MIX FACT’s mix#314 features Bristol DJ, producer, songwriter Guido. (39m) Impressive.

* Grown-up Ferris Bueller’s day off driving a Honda

* San Francisco’s Cherry, car-washing service by phone & GPS

* French study: childhood leukemia doubles within 3 miles of nuclear plants.

* British teen ‘Stacy’ collapses after eating only McNuggets for 15 years.Mother Evonne warned her, says it breaks her heart. (Sorry, slow news week, but there’s a song in there somewhere)

* A Chinese Co. is suing Apple for $1.6B for using the word ‘iPad’ in China. Hey, Apple: leave … & lettum make their own.

* 1.8 Million Americans With Engineering degrees Don’t Have Engineering jobs. Someone clued Obama. The Bigger Picture.

* Bird Population in Collapse Near Fukushima

* Feb.4: 175,000 protest rigged elections in Moscow. Russian paratroopers protest song (Vistitsky & Baranov)

VID Louis C.K. Carlin tribute (Sep 2011, 10m)

* Bill Moyers: 6 Movies You Have to See About the Financial Crisis

MIX Ever wonder what it’d be like to run a little record shop these days in, say, Hamburg? This SoundDesigners blog interview with the Smallville gang might help. It finishes with a pleasant, melodic 67m mix. (Connect: Bruno Pronsato)

INSANIA💩 What, you want to buy some teaspoons? You’ll need to show some ID.

VID Apple Scotland – havin’ a wee bit o’ trouble. NSFW

* House Repubs order arrest of US journalist covering a public hearing about fracking contaminated groundwater in Wyoming.

* The first US robotic library has opened in Nevada. [via Brewster Kahle’s blog]

MIX Enjoy a historical mid-90s jungle mix by DJ 2rip called Evolutionary Rhythm (39m)

* The NYTimes ‘splains what’s happenin with 17,000 tracks recorded by folklorist, ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax (it’s his birthday)

VID Slam poet Marshall Soulful Jones skillfully disses digital life. IMG For example

VID Hello Dddddooollllyyyy (Parton slowed waaaay down)

* Two Dutch ISPs refuse to block Pirate Bay. (Two more have no choice.)

* Man ‘forgotten’ in a New Mexico jail gets a $22 million award.(more)(more)(BTW, NM is the #1 US sinkhole for Federal money)

VID Titanium is currently a widely-charting song by French (that’s rare) DJ David Guetta, vocal by Sia. (10 years since Bedingfield)

IMG Norwegian skies cooked up some fine auroras last weekend.

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