March 2012 AUDs & ENDs

March 2012 AUDs & ENDs
NEW I’ve added a new Titles index page (link in sidebar). May be helpful in browsing older posts of interest.

* Peabody prof teaches pop music. He’s also a columnist for New Music Box. “I find that there are more great composers working today than I can possibly keep up with.”

NPR Alan Lomax archives online (article). The Archives.

* There’ll be a new Sigur Ros album in May (single track included).

VID Music heavily censored in Kuwait.

* NYTimes: Experiments move theatre orchestras out of pits into separate rooms. Musicians are wary.

* Deutsche Welle’s (Cologne) Klubbing radio book reading show includes DJ’ed electro music

LPFM The FCC decided Monday that it will begin taking Low-Power FM applications this year. (More) The decision comes a year after Congress passed enabling legislation.

* An article about re-mastering for better sound on mobile devices.

* 943 heat records were set across the US in the week beginning Sunday, Mar. 11.

VID High tech soul: the creation of techno (63m)(about Detroit)

MIX FACT Mix 319 offers up some Juan Atkins – whoever that is ;-) (68m) And then points at 10 EM documentaries you need to see. Never rains but …

ADDed to Music History in the sidebar: Russ&Gary’s ‘Best Years of Music’ site. Rich, rich, rich in 40s-60s rock artists. Look at that Index? Whoa! Big hat-tip to these gents.

* Trying a different theme for a day or 10. And clearing up some long-standing format glitches.

AUD Fans of Chiptune and NIN may enjoy exploring the works of 8 Bit Weapon. (for-sale page)

* Encyclopedia Britannica goes out of print.

* Mar. 11 2012 is the 35th birthday of the first widely popular computer game, Will Crowther’s all-text Colossal Cave Adventure. It leads to Infocom’s interactive fiction (later on, with images!) and eventually to MMOG’s.

LGBT Life with Archie #16 has sold out and trading for 10 times the cover price. Thanks in large part to One Million Moms!

* Music archeology : old temples, monuments can alter the mind with sound

VID Added ‘Joy of Disco‘ and ‘Punk the Early Years‘ to videos in the sidebar.

* Dangerous Minds has a message from blues singer Lester Chambers about his treatment by the music industry

* XIPH: Basics of digital sampling and question of higher bitrates. Nicely put together, mildly technical.

* More lenders allowing the foreclosed to stay. Stuff worth knowing so people can work it. Related? scooter sales are up.

BB One-stop music-licensing. At

* Joe Triano points us at Circe’s Doo Wop Cafe Internet Radio Station & Club. Doo love fine vocal harmonizing.

* Writeup on Binary Heap: Online video synthesizer. In-ter-esting concept.

VID TED Scary Flying robots play ~ music. (Starts at 14:50)

* RIP Daydream Believer

MIX A 2001 legend, DJ/rupture‘s Gold Teeth Thief – with track list,,,, ‘hip hop, ragga, breakcore, jungle, noise’ & more.

* A Brief History of Chipmusic. Look for a large dump of Chipinfo right here in a couple of weeks.

* Strange Days Indeed: Google’s Artificially-Lame Youtube computers identify birdsong in a video as a Rumblefish song. [via] Lucky for Beethoven the statute of limitations has expired. Rumor: Rumblefish is excited about picking up some royalties on their only album.

* In 1977 a London DJ’s listeners sent him their worst records. He aired them on 4 shows. Can you take it for 4 hours? (Dr.E wil not be held responsible.) This one was voted the worst

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