April, 2012 AUDs & ENDs

April, 2012 AUDs & ENDs

MIX Porter Robinson Essential (Electro, 62m)

MIX Jaytechmusic podcasts (London EM, 2hr)

MIX VID Jeff Mills @ Wire03 in Japan. (Techno, 113m)

* Wired: Birth of the microphone

* Keyboard Kid, Seattle-area producer of 17 albums/mixtapes, uses only a laptop to make his beats. #based
VID (related) Lil B at NYU (pt 1/2)

* Smithsonian: What’s on the (1977 twin spacecraft) Voyager’s golden records? + the record producer’s reflections
(JPL’s music list) (a video) (video album)

* For radio epicures and antiquarians only: Rand’s oldtime radio transcription blog.

* 1973 Rolling Stone/Dick Clark interview.

* That 70s Show – interesting piece on how Willie, Waylon and the boys changed Nashville. Outlaw country.
One of the characteristics of a regional music business was that the players, operating out of the glare of the big media centers, often made their own rules.
* Willie Nelson statue, unveiled in Austin at 4:20 on 4/20.

VID Synthist Suzanne Ciani on the Letterman show back in Aug. 1980 (Letterman’s like, 25). Fun demo of the era’s top new tech: Prophet-5, vocoder, Eventide Harmonizer, MC-8 sequencer. (9m)
Interview at the Roland MC-8 blog

* David Lowery’s essay Meet the New Boss, Worse than the Old Boss? discusses how “the tech side of the music business really needs to look at how their actions and policies negatively impact artists”. [via MeFi] Again, ya know, musicians could organize to do it themselves.

VID British group Queen at Wembley Stadium (1986, 111m). Or at Montreal (1981, 95m). Or at the Rainbow (1974, 53m). [via MeFi}

MIX It seems DJ (both kinds) Veronica Vasicka is into reissuing long-forgotten dusty gems of obscure early 80s synth experimentalism. Here’s an interview and a mix (34m) at Dazed Digital. And the Minimal Wave imprint site.

AUD There’s an English site called Bleep43 which has built up a very large archive of looong EM podcasts. (Stream/MP3) Today I want to point out glitchy, Autechre-ish 2006 Podcast 35, called Electronic Music from Japan. (122m). There are over 200 of such just … waiting. We have produced more than 190 shows covering all manner of genres within the huge field of what we know as electronic music. And yes, they know.

* In a long interview in The Quietist, synthesist/Buchla pioneer Suzanne Ciani, among other things, describes what making EM was like back in the day.

AUD The Attack of the Radiophonic Women was a panel about working at the famous Workshop at soundandmusic.org ‘Off The Page’. Stream/MP3 (66m)

MP3 MixMag has up a cheery house mix by Slovenian Sare Havlicek. (50m) -or- Maybe you’d prefer this bumpin Dance Mix commis’d for their party? (80m) Salud!

AUD OPB offers a segment on the many famous recordings that were really played by The Wrecking Crew. (Tiny triangle=streaming, down-arrow=MP3. 24min.)

VID How game sounds are made. (8min)

* Wired offers a $125 whole-home audio solution (for the signal, not the receivers!)

* Headphone buying guide. Covers all types by budget.

* A wheel froze up on Keith Richard’s walker. He went in a circle for 8 hours before friends found him. Fans in a Rocker gang are planning a Kickstarter campaign to get him fixed up.

* GAWKER has a funny collection of April Fool’s pranks.

MP3 SolipsisticNation#268 explores the Middle-Eastern sounds of another EM podcast … Secret Archives of the Vatican from netlabel Broken Drum Records. (60m)

MP3 On Mar. 24 TTBOOK did a segment on New Music which gets into Stockhausen, Cage & more (available whole or in separate segments).

………………. March 2012 AUDs & ENDs