May 2012 Auds & Ends

May 2012 AUDs & ENDs

AUD Those who remember it are surprised to hear that the Internet Underground Music Archive is back on the wire. OK, much of it. With 680,000 tracks of music by 25,000 45,000 bands and artists. (The Story.)

AUD The Open Goldberg Variations (J.S. Bach) are fine performances & pro recordings released to PD by pianist (and Bonn, Germany native) Kimiko Ishizaka. (32 tracks, MP3/Flac) A welcome gift!

* The UK got its top 100 streaming charts going on May 14. Voice of the people, people! And Billboard has something similar going called On Demand Songs. The claim is that these are based on online demand – I’ll believe it when I see true that coming from disinterested parties.

MP3 Tempero Brasileiro is a collection of rare Brazilian 7-inch singles. (76m) More at blog les mains noires. [via MeFi]

AUD Radiolab explores: what really happened to Robert Johnson out at the crossroads at midnight? (With new wrinkles on the old story.) * Veteran musician, producer David Lowery complains that the New Boss is worse than the Old Boss. (long)[via Slashdot]

Let’s take my artist royalty rate of 16% and compare who gets what …. That iTunes store 30%. Seems kind of high to me.  What is their risk? Today in 2012? Do they really deserve more per album than the artist?  At least the record labels put up capital to record albums. At least the record labels provide the artist with valuable promotion and publicity. David makes frequent references to the Future of Music Coaliation; here’s their website.

MIX Nicholas Jarr Essential Mix (1hr 59)

VID AUD Speaking of Radiohead, imagine making full-ALBUM 8-bit covers of OK Computer and Kid A. QuintonSung did. [via]

* AUD The Listening Machine generates continuous music based on the activity of 500 UK Twitter users. Pleasant samples and constant change. * All DEM ‘sharing’ buttons are disabled because some are being used to track people.

Eno came running in and said, ‘I have heard the sound of the future.’ … he puts on I Feel Love, by Donna Summer … He said, ‘This is it, look no further. This single is going to change the sound of club music for the next fifteen years.’ Which was more or less right. — David Bowie, 1977

MIXDieselboy ‘Psycho Jungle’ (D’n’B, 84m). Top-notch work by a master. Added to sidebar. * Got a minute? A visitor from NJ dream-pop duo Vows stopped by & would like you to listen to Winter’s Grave over on Bandcamp. Well-written, performed and produced. More than a hint of British invasion dreams!

MP3 Tachyon netlabel offers Gumbel’s A Dying Paradise as a zip’d album. Capable IDM/Exper. along the lines of Meatbeat. (43m) More Tachyon at Take for example the pleasant synthy chill of Room101’s R.U.R. (108m) – mentioned among the thousands at mixblog deepgoa.

MIX Isolated mix 27, ‘Earth Apogee’ (DF Tram & Rich-Ears) is very listenable ambient, chill and electronica. (147m) Note the earlier IM’s on that page; IM26 (Loscil) is fine. Here’s another eclectic mix from DF Tram, Beatlounge Radio Mix. (117m) Siriusly, who needs radio? (Theyhadtheirchance)

MIX Someone name o’Soundhog put together a dandy 1-hour 75th-anniversary mix in honor of Delia Derbyshire last week. (~60.00m) I’ll just link to the MeFi post for all the options.

FUN Radio Time Machine. Step right up, pick a year, sample the hits. (Then go buy the CDs) [via MeFi]

VID Intriguing video shows promise of gesture recognition advances (very likely to be useful for music !). [via boingboing]

MIX There are far too many mixes at this archive. Too confusing. Don’t go. Don’t mention it. * Added longtime EM history blog GRIDFACE to the sidebar.

AUD With all of the clamor for your attentions online, you (like me) may have missed Podomatic … in particular their BIG list of FREE world music podcasts. (They may be online or available via iTunes). I just found Beats of Lagos Part 22 … welcome to Nigeria!

* April posts have been added to the Titles Index page. At last … a use for Twitter!

* Stonehenge and archeoacoustics. Includes sound files.

VID Visualizes leaving the Earth behind at the speed of light. Doesn’t last long. (But it would take 8 minutes just to get to the Sun.)

AUD Superstition/Come Together mashup.

MIX Coltrain, Straight Bass To The Dome (Dubstep & Bass, 62m)

MIX Porter Robinson Essential (Electro, 62m)

MIX Jaytechmusic podcasts (London EM, 2hr)

MIX VID Jeff Mills @ Wire03 in Japan. (Techno, 113m) * Wired: Birth of the microphone

* Keyboard Kid, Seattle-area producer of 17 albums/mixtapes, uses only a laptop to make his beats. #based VID (related) Lil B at NYU (pt 1/2)

………………… April 2012 AUDs & ENDs