June-July 2012 AUDS & ENDS


VID 1946 Disney animated feature (67m) Make Mine Music is online (includes the famous Peter and the Wolf).

VID 15 classic summer jams (at music video blog Digitized Graffiti)

VID DEVO‘s Gerry Casales did this hour-long interview – never aired – back in the early 90s. The band’s origins are explained. [via Dangerous Minds] What We Do (2011) 

* Spanish scientists run 50 years of music through an algorithm and conclude : Modern pop music really is too loud and more bland. Guess we need more bland on the run? [via Reddit]
ADDED ;-) emphasis: modern remix of 2001 Space Odyssey trailer (VID)

* BBC offers a brief history of the steel pan (steel drum) – first created in the 1930s in Trinidad/Tobago. (*)

* Phoenix 14 years after disbanding, Australian world/new age duo Dead Can Dance will release new album Anastasis (sample) in August – and tour. (I hear a hint of Bristol in this.) (1996 album Spiritchaser made US World #1.)

VID Big Think: Henry Rollins explains why he left Häagen-Dazs. ADDED: POD Disinfo July 25, 2012 Rollins p’cast

POD Ars Technica’s podcast#6 is about preferences for making and listening to music. (33m)

MP3 MANY many free classical music downloads are to be found at the Isabella Gardner Museum site. Great for exploring the non-symphonic … standards to obscure from all periods.

* FACT offers a long interview with Robert Hampson about “the curse of Loop (’86-91) and and the rebirth of Main.”
Main-Suspension (from Hydra, 1991) 

MIX If you dug producer Clams Casino‘s mixtape#1 last year (many of us did), there’s a #2 this year. All fuzzy, distorted and somehow likeable.

VID 100 riffs from rock history in 12 minutes. On a ’58 Fender Strat.

* Know about Sporcle? They’ve got a lot of music quizzes.

AUD From CBC’s The Wire: Eight 53-minute episodes on how electricity changed music. History from 78’s right up to digital. Peabody award-winning quality.

MP3 All 10 albums of Brian Eno’s Obscure Records label are available on Ubuweb (track by track) including some ambient-era classics. [via MeFi]

* Cracked: 6 huge musical instruments

AUD WNYC discusses the 50th anniversary of the first Rolling Stone gig with Anthony DeCurtis.

* Definitive guide to Facebook for musicians

Shorter posts generally do well, so keep it snappy. Exceptions: heartfelt, substantial, personal, emotional, soul-baring or narrative (story-telling) posts.

MP3 Scavenged Luxury: L.A. Post-Punk.

Compilations of post-punk, D.I.Y., early new wave, concept rock, avant-garde noodlings (with a beat), bizarre hardcore, obscure demos / early tracks by famous bands, anachronistic glam, and other lost causes far from the norm or weirdly beautiful

AUD Back in June the guys at Sound Opinions spent some time pondering why EDM has exploded. Playing Prodigy to Skrillex and sounding unusually unsure of themselves for once – but thoughtful as usual. (Podcast MP3 60m, or stream^)

VID Wired covers Andy Pemberton’s film about DEVO … hopefully out next year. Kickstarter’s still open.

AUD Warp’s Bleep label has 55 ‘historical’ EM trax you can hear online (2010 to 1937). Some less-well-known names there.

AUD How about thousands of hours of free electronic music from the Internet Archive Netlabels collection?

* Cory Doctorow shares some thoughts about Music: The Internet’s Original Sin. By way of introduction, he writes:

Music’s ancient compact is not entirely compatible with contemporary commerce, and the industry has tried to “fix” this by just telling us that everything we know about the legitimate way to enjoy, produce and share music is wrong.

* Gawker mentions some potential songs-of-the-summer

* The Museum of Retro Tech describes the steampunk charms of early 20th-century compressed-air gramophones. (Video)

* The 17-episode TV doc All You Need Is Love: The Story of Popular Music was broadcast between 1976-1980. Episode 1. More episodes.

* From 3 Quarks: A Spacemusic Primer (Berlin branch, up to NEU!). Don’t miss the embedded MIXcloud link to an 84 minute sample.

AUD After 25 years of making techno, on June 25 pioneer Kevin Saunderson releases a 49-track box set.
NPR is streaming 12 of those tracks.

BBC Why are the Beatles so popular 50 years on?

Their greatest hit singles, She Loves You, and Hey, Jude are songs of avuncular counsel, wise advice given by one friend to another who has got in over his head in a love affair.

AUD Room84 EM/House streaming @ SoundCloud: #62 ‘Soul Button’ sounds fine. (DL all podcasts free with iTunes) [via DeepGoa]

* Musicans surveyed at SF MusicTech: benefitting from music tech? (long)

* The recently standardized Web Audio API has aleady made possible for web programmers to use javascript to play MP3, ALAC and FLAC files. (More info)

MIX IF you’re into high-bpm electronic hardcore, Belgium Bass Bangin’ will wake you up.

* Music news has been slow lately (summer break??), but DEM remains Semper Vigilans.

* The Art of Listening – sound engineer Oz Fritz tells how he discovered listening back in the day. (Looks like he intends more parts to come.)

* Whatever Happened to Melody?

In the last 20 years at least, the music I’ve been hearing, whether jazz or pop seems to lack a melody that is recognizable. In jazz, many players just play chords and scales in rapid succession, and pop music has so many songs with a very bland “melody”, a song that has a generic quality to it, but no real original melody that would stick with you subconsciously. It’s just a song played over a typical major chord without much deviance. Pop ballads all seem to sound the same, and the rest of popular music just repeats the same tired old formula that has been overused.
More …

* Free soundtrack music sources [via boingboing]

* Off-topic She fought The Citi, and … she won.

MIX Solipsistic Nation’s podcast#282 ‘Shanti’ features fine Indian ambient EM from New Delhi’s Audio Aashram label. (Added to sidebar).

* Cracked headlines hype, but may score a couple of valid points: 7 Famous Musicians Who Stole Some of Their Biggest Hits

* Museum of Endangered Sounds  + Soundscape mapping + In your head, changing your brain.

* Really good prices on cables. [via Reddit]

AUD Those who remember it are surprised to hear that the Internet Underground Music Archive is back on the wire. OK, much of it. With 680,000 tracks of music by 25,000 45,000 bands and artists. (The Story.)

AUD The Open Goldberg Variations (J.S. Bach) are fine performances & pro recordings released to PD by pianist (and Bonn, Germany native) Kimiko Ishizaka. (32 tracks, MP3/Flac) A welcome gift!

* The UK got its top 100 streaming charts going on May 14. Voice of the people, people! And Billboard has something similar going called On Demand Songs.
The claim is that these are based on online demand – I’ll believe it when I see true that coming from disinterested parties.

MP3 Tempero Brasileiro is a collection of rare Brazilian 7-inch singles. (76m) More at blog les mains noires. [via MeFi]

AUD Radiolab explores: what really happened to Robert Johnson out at the crossroads at midnight? (With new wrinkles on the old story.)

………………… May 2012 AUDs & ENDs