September 2011 Kwik-cools

September 2011 Kwik cools
Top 100 banned books 2000-2009
Decibel Fest 8Sep. 28 – Oct. 2

Fermilab‘s Tevatron shuts down after 28 years

★ 38,000 member union to support OccupyWallStreet – as are a whole lot more.

★ OWS: A proposed list of 9 specific demands

★ Amazon launches a $200 tablet. ‘No Angry Birds

Left gains control of French Senate – 1st time since 1958.

★ Navigate NPR’s top-100 (user picked) SpecFict books with this handy flow chart. [via MeFi]

Solipsistic Nation’s ‘Blotter Acid’ mix is an 84-minute world trip made from 100 short excerpts (damn that’s a lot of work). Muy agradable!

★ Science reporter: Can you really travel faster than light?
* Neutrino: I can never be positive. (*)

127-year-old car for sale. (Lots of pix)
Update: Oct. 10: It sold for $4.6 million!

★ What modern people know of alchemy in my experience is almost inevitably wrong.

★ Once you try Onstar you can never leave. Literally.

‘Silent disco’ sliding into US from Europe

Brian Cox on CERN neutrino findings

★ Whoa! who wouldn’t want to work for this place?

Occupy Wall Street (@Trendsmap)( Live Feed)

Wired: features on DJ Shadow’s new album The Less You Know, the Better … and Lost Pop Culture Treasure

Fans of Murcof (and other forms of ~serene contemplation) will like this short medley of excerpts from Mancusian Richard A. Ingram‘s ‘Happy Hour’ (website)

★ 8 simple questions science can’t answer

Navy Changes Gay WWII Veteran’s Discharge From ‘Undesirable’ To ‘Honorable’

★ Q. Do people need the excuse of a game to step into a virtual reality?
Stephenson: Yeah.

★ Astro-photography site The World At Night wouldn’t be hard to get lost in for a few hours…

Interview & MP3 – Roly Porter (Fact)

• Gamers use UW software FoldIt to solve virus enzyme molecule structure … in under 10 days.

Southern lights photo, from ISS

Big wind turbines: size of pieces (5m) biggest (3m) tallest (5m) largest farms (6m) maglev future? (2m)

★ 2011 astronomy photo of the year winners. (tough competition!)

Removal of the 200-foot Glines Canyon Dam in Olympic National Park has begun – restoring 38 miles of salmon run.
(cams) (brochure)

★ 7 Mind-Blowing Structures Built in Secret

Spy satellites guarding ancient sites (NatGeo)

★ How Will Shortz edits a NYT crossword puzzle

24 hours of climate reality – Sep. 14 starting at 7pm CT. Here are sneak previews.

Amazing occultation study reveals shapes of asteroid pair.

Overdue: in education: Students who rock. (NYT)

Code Hero is a game that teaches programming. Ach zo, ferrrrry cleva!

Learn to perform on 16 pads with Jeremy Ellis. Example. More at MeFi .

Power demand from US homes is falling

★ Fix broken iPhone screen for $24. + nine more repairs you can do

★ Offshore of Vancouver Island, 6.4 quake.
USGS: there are several million earthquakes each year. On average, 134 of them are magnitude 6 or higher – one is 8 or higher. Most destructive.

RIP Michael Hart, tireless founder in 1971 of original, volunteer E-book Project Gutenberg.

Video game music podcast (MPR)

★ CNN: Are Jobs Obsolete? (Doug Rushkoff)

New Wave segment, from 2020 in 1979 [via MeFi ]

Some ideas for finding new music online.

★ Owners of Ableton’s Live 8 have until Oct. 31 to download a free 4000-sample RetroSynth package.
No? Ah well, at least check-out XLR8R’s top August downloads.

★ If you want to dig way, way, way back in the crates, WFMU has been putting up tracks from cylinders and 78s for 16 years. Spooks.

★ Cracked: 7 watertight rationales for coffee-guzzling – harder, better, faster, stronger

World’s largest solar-powered boat… 101 feet long, 5000 sq.ft. of panels … is travelling around the globe; the Swiss boat is now in Vietnam.

Jonny Quest (1964) opening completely re-done in stop-motion animation. [via MeFi ]

See a supernova this weekend … with binocs or >3″ scope

★ Chinese want to capture asteroids in Earth orbit and mine ’em. (What could possibly go wrong?) [via greatdismal]

Taschen publishes 75 Years of DC Comics. 700 pages, carrying case. DO NOT look at the price. (I warned you!)

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