September 2012 AUDs and ENDs

* In Smithsonian, David Byrne considers the question How Do Our Brains Process Music?

The UCLA group contends that all of our means of communication—auditory, musical, linguistic, visual—have motor and muscular activities at their root. By reading and intuiting the intentions behind those motor activities, we connect with the underlying emotions.

* 11 best music apps, chosen by Business Insider.

MIX Solipsistic Nation #289 features a 41-track mysterious ambient mix by Herd, aka Jason Thomson. (57m) Reminds me of Murcof (a good thing).(Once again: SN is unvaryingly well-produced and worth tuning.)

AUD New album Composed by Seattle “pop polymath” Jherek Bischoff (and a host of vocalists – including David Byrne – and individual musicans, all recorded one-at-a-time) is streaming over at bandcamp.

* The NY Times catches up with Neil Young. (long)

* Lester Bangs explains How to Be a Rock Critic. (Pick your genre, it applies to all)

VID Talking Heads, Rome, 1980

* Gawker good read: The Punks on [Havana’s] G-Street.

VID 1988 docu Straight No Chaser looks into the life of jazz pianist Thelonius Monk. (89m)

ADDed to sidebar music history sites : Doom & Gloom From the Tomb. Archives back to Mar. 2009.

AUD PlayGround Mix 101 is a fine dub techno mix by US DJ Deepchord (Rod Modell)(91m). Have a look over at Soundesigners for the tracklist and an interview. (Deepchord recently released new album Sommer on Soma.)

Definitely the nature-based elements. This is a primary influence of all my music. More than any musician or musical reference. The feeling of your feet in the warm sand, or cool water. The wind when sailing (one of my favourite pastimes). I think sound-design is a far better tool for conveying these sensations than song-writing.

Haven’t heard all the mix yet but Deepchord certainly takes his craft seriously.

* A long-winded, rambling Austin story about guys and their guitars. Another long one from 1977 about Kiss. [via Longform]

* At The Oz Mix blog, post Musical Gnosis: The Who recalls one of those unforgettable concerts (that many of us have been lucky to experience). Back in April Oz did a three-part series about Recording the Master Musicians of Jajouka.

* The Quietus makes a top 50 albums of 2012 so far list. Reminds me I haven’t heard that VCMG dealy yet.

VID Someone has dusted off another Britpunk (76-78) docu from the Beeb — the best of Tony Wilson’s 19-episode live-in-the-studio show So It Goes — called The Way They Were. Undressed, in-the-day performances, several scarce. (68m) [via idealistpropaganda]

Features (in order):-
Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, Buzzcocks, John Cooper Clarke, Iggy Pop, Wreckless Eric, Ian Dury, Penetration, Blondie, Fall, Jam, Jordan, Devo, Tom Robinson Band, Johnny Thunder, Elvis Costello, XTC, Jonathan Richman, Nick Lowe, Siouxie & the Banshees, Cherry Vanilla & Magazine

If you like this sort of thing, I’ve worn out the 1993 Rhino CD DIY: The Modern World – UK Punk (1977 – 1978) and the Stiff Box Set (both detailed here).

* Hard Day’s Night chord; Leeds math prof thinks he has worked it out. For others there’s a time for fussing and fighting. Not Randy Bachman. (Bonus VID: Magical Mystery Chord.)

* If you’ve suffered from The Music-classifying Nightmare, you’re not alone. (Admittedly a first-world problem!)

VID A rare interview with electronic musician Pole (Stefan Betke, at CDR Berlin Workshop) covers a lot of worth-listening artistic and technical ground. (27m) [via]

VID Bassist Victor Wooten has some advice for speaking music as a language.

* Have I mentioned this neat idea before? PopSpots embeds album covers inside photos of the actual neighborhoods they were shot in. (Don’t miss the lot in #17.) An idea that wants to be a crowd-sourced site.
While I’m thinking of it, if you haven’t you might want to discover The Quietus, a magazine about music of all genres since 1974 – and a big archive.

* Save Our Bridges – 7,980 U.S. bridges have been designated structurally deficient and fracture critical.

* Cracked – Five Rock Stars You Won’t Believe Are Secretly Musical Geniuses.

* MeFi discusses the saddest songs.

………………… August 2012 AUDs & ENDs