October 2012 AUDs and ENDs

October 2012 AUDs & ENDs

* Off-topic How to make a photo collection that orbits the Earth for a billion years so an alien can learn from it. (Short vid included. And of course a book you can buy)

AUD With an extremely simple interface, new/experimental site TurnChannel (randomly?) loads individual House, Dubstep and Drum’n’Bass tracks into your browser and plays them. Selected (‘curated’) and pulled from SoundCloud; also offers collections by genre. Good audio. AudibleCoffee is a similar (more cramped, more genres) site.

* MeFi looks closely at rockabilly Halloween hit Haunted House, originally released by West Coast R&Ber Johnny Fuller in ’58, a US#11 hit for Jumpin’ Gene Simmons in 1964. And here’s AllMusic’s favorite Tricks and Treats list.
AND just in time for spookday, “New F-in’ Jersey” blog The Devil’s Music has been added to the History sidebar – just above Doom and Gloom from the Tomb.

AUD The Fader called their first, electropop EP “a tight little fireball”. As Netlabelism notes, their second EP is more of an “emotionally fulfilling chaos”. Sweet or sour, Tokyo group LLLL’s skills are evident.

MIX Just in time for Spookday, WYNC offers this Surprising And Spooky Halloween Playlist.

MP3 The Giorgio Moroder now has his own Soundcloud page. Like Einzelgänger, all the tracks are share/download enabled.

* The evolution of musical instruments may have begun as long as 60,000 years ago. An Australian scientist “thinks the key to the invention of instruments is the materials available in each civilization.”

* NYTimes: Record collector find of a lifetime: 4 one-of-a-kind Kurt Weill 78s from the 1939 World’s Fair in Queens.

POD Kickstarter-funded series Relatively Prime has created a show called The Score about 3 composers who use math in their creations. (65m) Segments include creating ‘ugly music’ (TED video), a new scale based on logs (video link) , and melodies from algorithms (website Musical Algorithms).
Bonus links: Entropedia’s interesting toy (discussion), synthesis with Chuck

AUD Looking for adventures in music? (Everybody’s looking for something!) Then espy the online catalog of San Fran’s Aquarius Records store. There are plenty of streams to listen to in a wide, wide variety of genres. (Sure beats all those avant-shops that ignore customers as much as possible.)

* A Kickstarter for the completion and distribution of a 2-hour indie documentary about gay British record producer Joe Meek (DEM post) has been a success. In production for 9 years, the film is based in over 70 interviews. (Website)
In April 2012, UK industry magazine NME named Meek the #1 record producer. In the world. Ever.
(Very thorough bio & fansite, Jan Reeze)

* Cyborgs, superhumans and robots in pop music. Article inspired by a Superhuman exhibition at London’s Wellcome Library. Notably mentions NYC character Rammellzee . [via MeFi]

* Analog Ultraviolence discusses the role of the Moog in Kubrick film Clockwork Orange.

Until the late 1960s, the soundtrack to evil ran to two extremes: orchestral menace and theremin eeriness. Then came Wendy Carlos and A Clockwork Orange.

AUD WNYC’s 10 year-old music show Soundcheck offers a 17-minute discussion of the music of US composer Henry Cowell with biographer, conductor Joel Sachs. Cowell’s students included John Cage, George Gershwin, Lou Harrison and Burt Bacharach. Sachs long-awaited book is called Henry Cowell – A Man Made of Music. (Soundcheck blog)

* BoingBoing offers an article on “hauntological music” (defined on Quora as a form of UK electronica inspired by (e.g.) library music, analogue electronics, children’s TV, public service information films and more … “analogous to US musics such as chill-wave, witch house and glo-fi.”) Mark Pilkington explains:

The growth of online media channels means that the near-entirety of our cultures’ pasts have been excavated and placed on display for anyone to watch, hear, or read in an instant. Hence, hauntology.

My guess: the hauntology blip was inspired by the deserved successes of (Scottish duo) Boards of Canada.
Update: Flak Magazine has a swell writeup on “hauntology” in music. Not that there’s anything at all new in the idea of being haunted by the past … or apprehensive.

* Once again the Internet Archive strikes a bonanza: 100,000 pieces of cover art from Music Brainz. Here’s the cover archive startup page.

* Party Cloud is a fancy DJ flash tool that lets you MIX songs together from a huge collection. (Thanks to the SYNC option it can sound damn sweet.) Not into dance music? Try listening to Police audio mixed with ambient tracks at You are Listening To. [via MeFi]

* WIRED offers us a 50-year history of the LED. AND a story about how inventor Nick Holonyak was inspired by the laser.

MIX Besides offering netlabel “music, reviews and interviews”, Netlabelism‘s site offers mixes of netlabel releases. Good idea! cuz many netlabels offer original, innovative EM made by the hard work of talented artists – without ad agencies.
Here’s Netlabelism’s tracklist for ‘Cast 13, “an eclectic mix of downtempo, electronica and bass music”, and here are the download options. (68m, MP3/OGG) If you like that, there are 12 more ‘casts to DL … or just listen to the Mixcloud streams NL offers. How decent is that?

MP3 With 55,000 downloads in 6 days, Bassnectar‘s Freestyle Mixtape must be doing something right. (42m) Hittin’ that beat like ping-pong?

AUD Looking for something different? (who isn’t?) Radiolla is a free internet music service (browser or possibly ur app) originating in Kiev. Six channels to choose from including the Volta electronic channel (bitrates from 32 to 192, unusual!). There are also 27 podcasts available.

Seattle’s KEXP radio lists The top 650 albums of the past 40 years as chosen by listeners. (Before looking, try to pick 1 in the top 10, 1 more in the top 20. Only 2 of my favorites in there.)

In Smithsonian, David Byrne considers the question How Do Our Brains Process Music?

The UCLA group contends that all of our means of communication—auditory, musical, linguistic, visual—have motor and muscular activities at their root. By reading and intuiting the intentions behind those motor activities, we connect with the underlying emotions.

11 best music apps, chosen by Business Insider.

MIX Solipsistic Nation #289 features a 41-track mysterious ambient mix by Herd, aka Jason Thomson. (57m) Reminds me of Murcof (a good thing).(Once again: SN is unvaryingly well-produced and worth tuning.)

AUD New album Composed by Seattle “pop polymath” Jherek Bischoff (and a host of vocalists – including David Byrne – and individual musicans, all recorded one-at-a-time) is streaming over at bandcamp.

* The NY Times catches up with Neil Young. (long)

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