November 2012 AUDs & ENDs

DEM is: New electronic music mixes/news •  Anniversaries in music history

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* Looking for better audio than your CPU/laptop chipset provides? A USB-powered headphone amp with quality DACs might be an answer. The FiiO-E10 is one example. Of course, you can pay a lot more.

VID Nosaj Thing’s “Eclipse/Blue” video (sounds Massive) shows some new video production techniques. ]via MeFi[

* Well-written personal piece about respected US blues/folk picker Doc Watson. Blind, Doc won 7 Grammies; he died earlier this year.

MIX Surgeon – Humanity Mix (89m). (Surgeon appears on Spain’s Semantica techno label, as does recently-mentioned Silent Servant.)

* The first, NYC screening of Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of (ever-popular 1980 musical play) Les Miserables resulted in a standing ovation. With stars like Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Sacha Baron Cohen, how big could it be?

* It’s sad news that the classy Coilhouse magazine and blog (“a love letter to alternative culture”) is ‘shuttering operations’. It seems that the blog will remain. Their music section alone is fine, with something interesting for all.

MIX More backlog. Mentioned Headphone Commute a few days back, here’s the Kreng Mix … dark, dark, melodic, foreboding, dark… (49m) And there’s a brief interview with oh, too mysterious Belgian Kreng.

MIX FACT’s # 349 (deluge! took a while!) by Californi DJ, producer Silent Servant (Juan Mendez) is pro, original, well worth a listen. EM that sounds Californian, but is much more. “Instinctive affection for 80s DIY” … check. Keeper.  (59m)

* Collector’s Weekly offers a long interview with author, music critic Simon Reynolds about his objections to ‘Retromania‘.

* Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People is a series of DOZENS of graphic illustrations you can read (from a hosting site) in your browser. Great for refreshing stuff you once knew.

+ What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2012?

VID POD Latvia native Oyaarss made quite an impression with first album Bads. With his very original style of work the idm/industrial/sludge/noise artist also seems likely to do well with second album Smaida Greizi Nakamiba (more here). You’ll find a  63m podcast here.

VID The Genius of Beethoven is a well-made 2005 three-part docudrama miniseries. BBC; Paul Rhys starring. All 3 one-hour parts are viewable in decent resolution and sound. Part 1 here.

AUD Future Sequence netlabel offers a collection of 42 minimal-ambient tracks it calls Sequence 5. Choose from a variety of formats. (There are also earlier Sequences.)
I’ll go out on a limb and describe this delectable digest of drones and dripsodies “Planetarium Music”. Definitely not from the Hearts of Space, so you might want to grab some twinkies for the trip. [via Feuilleton]

* RIP German EM pioneer Pete Namlook, unknown causes aged 51. Founder of FAX label. (video interview)

* 2012 updated graphic: How much do music artists earn online?. Damon Krukowski: Making Cents. [via MeFi]
Update: 3m interview with DK.

* The iPod Silhouettes is a long (we’re talking chapter length here) interesting look by Pop History Dig at the ‘Apple shadows’ painted all over the world for a time. It starts with a quick history of personal music portables from “The Transistor” leading up to the iPod – then scrutinizes the ad campaign in detail. (There might have been no iPhone without the iPod.)

VID European Rendez-Vous is an artsy 49m 1983 film from two former Throbbing Gristle-ites, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanny Tutti, (now with 26 albums under their belt), in collaboration with John Lacey. Gothic, challenging, satisfying visuals and audibles. Not approved for Red States. [via feuilleton]

* SciAm gets down and talks about why, 50 years later, we’re listening more to slower, minor-key pop music.
Maybe it’s about more sophisticated listeners … how much sugar can anyone eat in a day? (The major scale is only one of dozens.) And a major/minor preference may be periodic: a lot of music in Stephen Foster’s day was positively morbid. Even moreso than Radiohead’s.
For sure videogame music has long gone both ways … check it at long-running podcast The Legacy Music Hour.

AUDs & PODs Fans of – and those intrigued with – Brian Eno may wish to tune in to two hour-long KPFA, Berkeley interviews from 1980 over at Aquarium Drunkard. Justin says that hour two is “a sort of linear history of the use of the recording studio as a compositional tool”. Oh yeah.
And if you’d like to tune into AD’s new “weekly podcast companion” Sidecar, you can do that right here. I’m so there.

* Hatsune Miku is a virtual star in Japan. Literally, virtual: an animated projection powered by a singing synthesizer application. A music industry dream coming true.

* Music History in GIFs is a fun spread of bands from 1964 to the present day, with many links & 8-bit decorations. [via Dangerous Minds]

POD Earworm. Earworm Project: Why do tunes get stuck in our heads is mentioned in a 2012 article series by BBC listed here including this most recent one. (Why are BBC websites so often a quagmire? as if they’d prefer you didn’t listen?)

* RIP 103 year-old US composer Elliott Carter. (NYTimes obit)(NPR Obit) I’ll remain mum on my reaction.

MIX Electronic Explorations offers over 220 mixes to pick from. Example: the always-interesting Delta Funktionen is #220 (84m)

Another, much more detailed selection of electronic, experimental and instrumental appears at Headphone Commute, where beside reviews and interviews you’ll find a sizeable list of mix podcasts, like #99 by Aria Rostami  (52m). Includes a genre cloud for us picky sorts – now that it’s oh, so easy to be picky.

Off-topic How to make a photo collection that orbits the Earth for a billion years so an alien can learn from it. (Short vid  included. And of course a book you can buy)

AUD With an extremely simple interface, new/experimental site TurnChannel (randomly?) loads individual House, Dubstep and Drum’n’Bass tracks into your browser and plays them. Selected (‘curated’) and pulled from SoundCloud; also offers collections by genre. Good audio. AudibleCoffee is a similar (more cramped, more genres) site.

* MeFi looks closely at rockabilly Halloween hit Haunted House, originally released by West Coast R&Ber Johnny Fuller in ’58, a US#11 hit for Jumpin’ Gene Simmons in 1964. And here’s AllMusic’s favorite Tricks and Treats list.
AND just in time for spookday, “New F-in’ Jersey” blog The Devil’s Music has been added to the History sidebar – just above Doom and Gloom from the Tomb.

AUD The Fader called their first, electropop EP “a tight little fireball”. As Netlabelism notes, their second EP is more of an “emotionally fulfilling chaos”. Sweet or sour, Tokyo group LLLL’s skills are evident.

MIX Just in time for Spookday, WYNC offers this Surprising And Spooky Halloween Playlist.

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