December 2012 AUDs & ENDs

DEM is: New electronic music mixes/news • Anniversaries in music history

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* How (from almost nothing!) Guitar Hero became a Billion-Dollar business

* Think you’re a King Crimson fan? Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson Album Art. In 17 parts. [via MeFi]

* Even after 5 years, WogBlog continues to find things to say about the Beatles. Roger says: “if we hear about something that has yet to be reported by other Beatles news services, we tend to write about it.”

* Dave Maier at 3 Quarks Daily offers us a Space Music Primer. If you want to delve deeper, try the immortal Hearts of Space website, andor the Ambient Music Guide. (don’t miss the mixes).

* Google/Youtube has stripped billions of faked-up view counts from all the major record companies. They paid a botmaster to create fake “likes” and “views”.

MIX Headphone Commute passes along an enjoyable Jungle Fusion mix that “ranges from peaceful and relaxing to highly energetic and sometimes even purely chaotic.”
It’s one of the juicy tidbits compiled at videoblog Intelligent Jungle Music.

MIX Ken Gibson’s latest 716 mix pop-psych mix is a truly mellow journey. (85m, tracklist) [via Dangerous Minds]

* Nat Geo explores why music moves us so.

* 2012 Dec. 21 Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has made  it to 1 billion Youtube views. Quietus looks at How The World Woke Up To The Genius Of K-Pop. Will the Western industry (including media) re-double its efforts to stifle the competition, as it’s done since forever? [more at MeFi]

* DJ Carlito created Pop Yeh Yeh, a blog covering “60s psychedelic pop music from Singapore and Malaysia”. Such resources are TOO RARE! (NB Carlito blogrolls Andy’s Singapore 60s)

WHY? A list of 2012 Top Album lists. OK, no more of that.

MIX Blog A Sound Awareness presents “an exclusive mix of avant oddness expertly curated by Radioolio”. 34 selections in 58 minutes.

MIXs 25-year NYC dance DJ Jay Locke has assembled mellow C.O.M.E. N.Y.C. Mix #1 for your holiday enjoyment. (Ten trax, 52m)
[via SoundDesigners blog, where also-mellow & spacier SD#57 is available (60m)]

The Hidden Virtues of Our Old, Crackly, Barely Audible Sound Recordings is a short piece, but the author manages to work the New Aesthetic into it if that’s what you’re looking for.It’s one of the topics that found its way into Atlantic’s Year in Tech 2012.

* To be released in Feb. 2013: A Groenland 4-CD box with 22 tracks by Connie Plank, producer of Cluster, Kraftwerk, Ash Ra Tempel, Neu! and more. [via Feuilleton]

* The guys who created MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface … introduced Jan. 21, 1983 , today part of many mobile phones) are being awarded a Technical Grammy. CDM has a great piece explaining the whoopla about Sequential Circuits founder Dave Smith and Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi.
(Smith found a photo “solving” the old mystery … Chadabe was right all along.) These patient guys deserve a BIG piece of cake or three.

* RIP Indian music master Ravi Shankar. Shankar’s appearance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Fest ignited sales and studies of traditional Indian music. He traveled widely to collaborate with many world musicians and composers. (Website)

MIX There are at least 4 well-baked Current Value ULTRAMONICS drum-n-bass mixes out there, each about an hour long. Here are links to II, III and IV. More recent Tim E. work here.

* How much money musicians are making, from the Future of Music Coalition.

* The soundtrack for March, 2012 Playstation 3 videogame Journey (released as an 18-track album on April 10) has been nominated for a Grammy.

* RIP jazz legend Dave Brubeck. Tangerine 

DEM History titles page. I’ve revised this partial list of dated history posts (with links for each date).

MP3 Get ready for a modern Xmas with Santastic 7 / It’s A Wonderful Mash – compiled by djBC.

VID Songfacts says that Spotify’s most-streamed song in 2012 is Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. 350M views. Gotye baked much? (Watch out for that loop, the song’s an earworm candidate.)

* Looking for better audio than your CPU/laptop chipset provides? A USB-powered headphone amp with quality DACs might be an answer. The FiiO-E10 is one example. Of course, you can pay a lot more.

VID Nosaj Thing’s “Eclipse/Blue” video (sounds Massive) shows some new video production techniques. ]via MeFi[

* Well-written personal piece about respected US blues/folk picker Doc Watson. Blind, Doc won 7 Grammies; he died earlier this year.

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