March-April 2013 AUDs & ENDs

DEM is: New electronic music mixes/news • Anniversaries of over a thousand events in  music history and technology

* Motherboard takes a close look at the Boards of Canada (BoC) numbers station mystery. (There may be clues on the BoC YT page?) (A video of the extremely short mysterious 12″.) (More analysis at the 2020K blog.)

RIP Troubled, affable country music giant George Jones.(*) Born in a log cabin in 1931 in Saratoga, Texas, from 1959-83, he had fourteen US#1 country hits. In the 80s he was non-stop with 22 top-40 hits – and finished off his demons. He released 60 studio albums.
S.P. Clarke bio.

* Motherboard describes Daft Punk’s latest. And here’s more, on the involvement of Animal Collective‘s Noah Lennox. And Giorgio Moroder. And …

RIP Richie Havens, who became famous (somewhat to his regret) for his performance of Freedom at Woodstock in 1969.

MP3 An enjoyable “internal cinema” mix from London’s “independent music, film and literature group” Emerging Species (innovative website as well!). Ideal for Earth Day: it’s called Recurring Universe. (60m, recommended listen!)

AUD Online techno-minimal radio: check out Lausanne’s UZIC. Aces.

Cover for T.Rex Electric Warrior

RIP album cover designer Storm Thorgerson(*), member of design group Hipgnosis. Among many, he designed covers for Dark Side of the Moon and Houses of the Holy. Gallery of images in 3 parts here, here and here. [via MeFi]

VID If you haven’t seen it, 1998 documentary Modulations is viewable at Youtube (240p). It “traces the evolution of electronic music from musique concrete, house, hip hop, techno to the myriad of styles in between.” (80m)

* VICE magazine has created a new electronic music channel it calls THUMP. Included are stories, photos and videos.

* Create Digital Music takes a look at Korg’s 3 new $150 analog synths. Drums, bass, and lead synths, 3-polyphonic. And they’re even controllable with (digital) MIDI (input) signals! Sure they’re tiny – but they work on batteries … and consider: the first Moog analogs (50 years ago next year) cost as much as a nice new car. What music-loving middle schooler wouldn’t want one?

VID English inventor Roland Lamb has evolved a touch-sensitive, silicone membrane ‘Seabord’ for pianists that can bend and vibrate notes. Move over, string players. More at the Roli website.

AUD XETB has posted 6 experimental/ambient tracks inspired by Renaissance alchemist John Dee. Mysterious & well done! For more try XETB’s Bandcamp page. [via Feuilleton]

AUD/VID Really into Chiptunes? Try this set of 3 videos: the first part clocks in at a mere 4 hours long.  Part 2 and Part 3 follow suit. All are posted by Reclusive Lemming, who specializes in the genre.

AUD This is cool: a remix – of a classic Ella Fitzgerald vocal for Duke Ellington tune Caravan – by Grant Lazlo. (1958? Ellington himself recorded the song over 350 times!) No surface noise. [via DigitizedGraffiti]

MIX Electric Music for Schools is a decidedly odd, but truly different, melodic hauntological mix by Pattern & Shape. [via Feuilleton]

* US synthesizer inventor Bob Moog has been inducted into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame. Specifically for his ladder filter, a solid-state wonder largely responsible for the ‘Moog sound’.
VID Fjellestad’s excellent 2004 Moog documentary (70m)

* Soundcloud services become much more affordable (plus results of a user survey).

AUD Radio show American Routes excellent Mar. 20 show is two hours on Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. (Streams; in addition the nicely-indexed show archive goes back 14 years!!)

VID 1997 NIN ‘Self Destruct’ tour documentary. (74m, via MeFi)

* SciAm: The psychology of effective work-out music

MP3 NPR looks into why Adrian Younge is trying to hitch Ennio Morricone with The Delphonics.
VID And from Something about April here’s Turn Down the Sound. DifferENT.

MP3 1200 free tracks from 2013 SXSW are now available in two torrents.

MIX Headphone Commute’s podcast series offers Ryde to Portsmouth, a reflective ambient-experimental ‘aural journey’ mix by Alastair Kelly.

MP3 Eric Rigo. Rain. Ambient house.

MIX About a year ago, some denizens of Reddit’s Electronic Music sub-reddit began doing streaming mixes. Here’s DJ Sentenial’s Electronic Roundup #78; all the rest are found here. Hosted on MixCloud; follow links back to post for DLs. Quality beats.

* Grimes explains how she makes music using Garageband. [via MeFi]

* The music of Washington, DC duo Bluebrain adapts to the location it’s playing at through the use of GPS. Not quite create-your-own-mix yet, but a step on the way.

MIX DJ Mag offers a new tech house mix from duo Donewrong.

MIX Electronic Explorations podcast #225 is a spicy techomix by London duo ‘Posthuman’. (m)

MIX A mix by Chris Carter (of Throbbing Gristle) is a guaranteed NOVEL experience, and a kick-ass one can be found here. (57m) Made for the Ninja Tune Solid Steel Radio series (started in ’88 on KISS in London), which has over 100 shows online. How about, oh say, Coldcut meets the Orb? (71m) [via Feuilleton]

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