VID Revision 2013 Demoparty – Oldskool 4K intros

• This 4k intro video was shown at the Easter 2013 Demoparty in Saarbrücken, Germany. (To see just one, skip to 7:45.) Youtube has hours more demos (most MUCH flashier) on many machines.

Crack intros on 8-bit computers of the early 80s were eventually followed by Demos. 4k intros produce graphics and sound from programs limited to 4096 bytes of RAM. They’re amazing for that alone.

• ARS has a new article on the history of the Amiga Demoscene.

VID Someone may find this hour-long Revision Breakbeat Seminar useful! Many more seminars there, some very technical.

• Late 2013 will see the launch of website DemoZoo … “Think IMDb for the demoscene. All known results from every demo party ever – graphics, music, demos, right back to the 1980s….”