Mark Isham’s electronic music

Like the synthesized ambient works of Canadian duo Danna & Clement (Clement once lived in the Ontario wilderness for 5 years), US trumpeter, filmscorer Mark Isham‘s electronic music often has an unusually strong sense of place. (Website)

(If you like Isham’s work, you may want to check out less-well-known jazz trumpeter Jon Hassel‘s discography.)

1983 In the years before getting very busy doing filmscores,  Isham releases some fine purely electronic music albums. Take for example, the following “Something Nice for My Dog” (3m) from 1983 debut album Vapor Drawings — also the first electronic music album from New Age label Windham Hill.

1985 Isham’s second album, Film Music , includes the music for Disney film Never Cry Wolf. Besides synthesized sound, it begins the use of heavily electronically-effected acoustic instrumentation. (24m) (One of the few filmscores I own and regularly listen to.)

1987 3rd album We Begin is a collaboration with Art Lande. Several of the tracks have strong electronic elements.

1989 5th album Tibet picks up where “Wolf” left off, further developing the melding of electronics and acoustics.