July 2013 – Auds & Ends

The New
• Jul 26-28 Tomorrowland EM Fest (Belgium)
• Jul 26-27 Timber! #1 (Carnation WA)
• Aug 2-4 Lollapalooza (Chi)

MASH In 2003 S.F., Bootie became “the first club night in the U.S. dedicated solely to the burgeoning artform of the bootleg mashup — and is now the biggest mashup event in the world…” Logically then, Bootie Blog is where you plug into this phenom. [via MeFi]

AUD Interview with Portlander Christopher Kirkley, collector of Music From Saharan Cell Phones. Hear examples and learn about his subject on his site Sahel Sounds. The ‘Sahel’ is a semi-arid strip of sub-Saharan Africa, where

lovers of music still get it done, however, sharing files between knockoff cell phones via bluetooth connections and accumulating song collections in memory cards and bitrates that would probably make most in our lossless world laugh. It’s created a music culture that’s uniquely underground….

MIX CDM points to a 3-hour dance mix by Berlin DJ and producer nd_baumecker over on Soundcloud. Andi works the Boiler Room at the forbidding-looking techno/house club Berghain, which owns the Ostgut Ton label.

MIX/AUD Headphone Commute shares an unseasonably melodic and varied mix called Projections on Indonesia from UK project Olan Mill (1 hr). And an interview. More: Say Hi to Strangers stream from new music blog A Closer Listen (50m), which has plenty more streams to explore. And long, thorough writeups as well, like this brand-new one about the recent Mutek 2013.

PAST Pioneer US DJ Afrika Bambaataa is showing his vinyl collection for 3 days in NYC before Cornell University gets it.

RANK BB has posted Henry Rollins’ 20 favorite punk albums. (Follow the link to LAWeekly to see the covers. The Blog’s top-20 picks.)

VID Portishead at Glastonbury 2013 (71m, SLYT) [via MeFi]

PAST Over on Reddit, HedonisteEgoiste muses on which of today’s hits will be classics in 20 years. “The ones that will be remembered are the ones that are considered particularly good by people that aren’t neccesarrily into pop music, but like the occasional hit…. Things unlikely to be remembered are anything that goes with exactly what is popular.” And Hwacha’s giving it a lot of thought.
(I’d bet on the Youtube votes.)

AUD The University of Texas is still streaming online the 55-hour audio music documentary series Pop Chronicles (of the 50s and 60s), written narrated and produced by Texas native John Gilliland. First aired on Feb. 9, 1969, they include audio clips from 180 interviews with musicians!
MP3 ARSC The Man on the Beat:
John Gilliland and The Pop Chronicles

NEEDS TUNING? Steinway & Sons, a US company born in NYC on March 5, 1853 – and makes world-famous pianos in Queens that sell for $50,000 a pop – has been sold. To a NY private equity firm.
VID 5-minute tour.

READ Longform recently: Kanye West. Stevie Nicks. Steve Storch. Billy Joel. Patsy Cline. Eurovision. Stevie Wonder. George Jones.

MIX XLR8R’s 300th podcast is a 14-track house mix by Maya Jane Coles. A quality craftwork with lots of personality, color, variety. Impressive! (62m) See also: Ladies on the Mic feature.

An increasing number of female artists are staking out prominent spots in the electronic-music landscape. In 2012 and early 2013, Cooly G, Laurel Halo, Ryat, Julia Holter, Nina Kraviz, Holly Herndon, Grimes, Ikonika, Maya Jane Coles, Ellen Allien, Natasha Kmeto, and numerous others released debut albums or added significant new records to their catalogs.

FACT In the U.S., radio stations have never paid a cent in royalties to the performers of music. Here’s a little bit more about how it all works.

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