Whatever Happened To Alternative Nation? (2010,The A.V. Club)

A 10-part series, one part for each year of “the decade that birthed a mainstream culture called ‘Alternative’”.

Unbeknownst to Kurt, Eddie, and Layne, they created a sonic blueprint that would go on to inspire disreputable bands for the next two decades. You can’t blame those guys for inspiring much of what’s awful and soulless about the state of “modern” rock music as we’ve come to know it, but their music is inextricably linked to it nonetheless.

It wasn’t always like this. In the beginning, grunge challenged the sexist and materialistic status quo of mainstream rock ’n’ roll, asserting a bold new concept of what rock stars could and should be. For a couple of years at least, grunge not only made the world safe for idealistic rejects and weirdos who were more comfortable hanging out with Gloria Steinem than Tawny Kitaen, it pretty much made socially conscious, politically correct, fame-averse, brooding loner types the only acceptable kind of rock stars.

Whatever Happened To Alternative Nation? | The A.V. Club.