September 24 – Walkers, Dazed, Pinkerton


US pop group The Walker Brothers score a UK#1, US#16 with Bacharach & David tune Make It Easy on Yourself.

Six months later they ring the bell again with The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore (US#13). Tensions (‘touring in those days was very primitive’) dissolve the group in 1967.

On his own, reclusive singer, bassist Scott Walker records four UK#10 albums – becoming, as Brian Eno says, ‘a serious artist’.
Interview  Lights of Cincinnati 
Scott Walker: 30 Century Man


Austin, TX indie filmmaker Richard Linklater gets into middle America deep with coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused.

Despite only doing $8M at the box office, its cast of future stars and period soundtrack makes it an instant classic. School’s Out 

Jodi: Hey, I got a favour to ask you guys. You know my little brother?
Benny O’Donnell: Yeah, Mitch Kramer
Jodi: Ya, Mitch Kramer. Well, take it easy on him this summer will ya?
Pink: Don’t worry sis, little brother’s safe with us.

Robert Plant wouldn’t let Linkletter use Led Zep’s version of the title song with the film. But you can. 

Eventually Entertainment Weekly ranks the film third on their list of 50 Best High School Movies. (*)


US indie rockers Weezer (*) release their second studio album, the emo japanophiliac freaking masterpiece Pinkerton.

World, clue up. Buddy Holly, meet Elliott Smith. Its initial reception was mixed, often quite negative though it reached US#19. Greatly discouraging for writer Rivers Cuomo, who even panned it himself.

But in 2002, Rolling Stone readers voted it the 16th greatest album. Public’s fickle. In 2010, Weezer tours performing the whole album.

It’s reissued in Nov. 2010 debuting at #6 on the catalog albums chart and scores 100 at Metacritic.

Butterfly  Across The Sea   El Scorcho (Director’s Cut)