January 3 – Monkees, I Me Mine, Blondie’s CR-78, Aretha


Under-appreciated US pop rockers & Brit-invasion fighters The Monkees top the US charts with I’m A Believer.
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The Beatles play together for the last time to record George Harrison‘s rocking prophecy, I Me Mine.

All I can hear, I me mine
I me mine, I me mine
Even those tears, I me mine
I me mine, I me mine
No-one’s frightened of playing it
Everyone’s saying it
Flowing more freely than wine
All through the day I me mine

They owed him it, considering all he had to put up with that last year.
Other less-heard, great Harrison songs include Old Brown Shoe and Dark Horse .  ( Harrison site  

Release of Blondie dance-rock/disco single Heart of Glass, which tops the US and UK charts.  ( Blondie site

It’s one of the first songs to feature the new Roland CR-78 drum machine, Roland’s first, analog and powered by an Intel CPU. (Blondie purchased theirs in downtown Manhattan.)

Kakehashi claims that it was the first musical instrument to contain one of those new-fangled microprocessor thingies. ▷SOS▹

Roland’s TR-808 is released in 1980. The Roland Jupiter-4 synth, as part of ‘the Compuphonic system’ (digital control of analog circuits), uses TWO Intel 8048s. (*) (*)(*)
CR-78 demo  BBC:Heart of Glass doc  BBC:Blondie-One Way Or Another (doc) 


US singer Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
In 2004, Rolling Stone names her its #9 artist of all time.
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