January 7 – Rimsky ‘Song of India’, Flash Gordon, 50 Cent debut



Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) opera Sadko premieres in Moscow. Song of India 

Today it’s seldom heard, but one of its tunes inspires a famous 1937 recording and jazz classic by Tommy Dorsey called Song of India.

RK is definitely better-known for his Oct. 1888 symphonic suite Scheherazade. Moscow Symphony 


Debut of the Flash Gordon comic strip, drawn by Alex Raymond.

Very like Buck Rogers (earlier in 1929 that comic strip — and Tarzan’s! — also debuted on this date) Flash is serialized, novelized, comiced, filminated and TVed. It’s even Flesh Gordonized in 1974.

For another, try Dec. 5 1980 film Flash Gordon; unusually, its soundtrack is Queen‘s 9th studio album Flash Gordon, which makes the top-40 everywhere. Flash 

Queen also wrote much of the soundtrack for the first Highlander film, heard on their 1986 album A Kind of Magic. Who Wants to Live Forever 



US (Queens, NY) rapper 50 Cent scores a damn-near worldwide (but not UK) #1 with hip-hop single In da Club from debut (now 6 platinum) album Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Hey at least he’s up front about it. And Dre producing cudn’t have hurt — In da Pocket.

Fitty releases three more albums by 2009, with seven top-10 singles by 2007. Billboard ranks him the top rapper of the 2000s.(*)
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