January 11 – Emile Ford, Pet Shop Boys, Eminem


The Beetles used to open for the Checkmates

The first British-based black rock’n’roll group — singer Emile Ford and Caribbean immigrants the Checkmates (including two of Ford’s brothers) — score a UK#1 (AU#1) with their self-produced recording What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?

The song itself was written way back in 1916. Emile (born in the West Indies; his mother was an opera singer) makes several albums, landing several more songs in the top-20. One of them, Counting Teardrops , is used as the title for Pye Records 2001 double-CD release of his 1959-63 records.
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Formed in August 1981, British electronic dance music duo Pet Shop Boys (*) have their first UK#1 single with the wistful synth-pop West End Girls .

An earlier, almost-8-minute version had been a minor US dance hit in 1984. Orlando version 

It becomes part of their first album Please, released in March (UK#3, US#7) … and the duo is off.

By 2009 they’ve released 56 singles and 10 studio albums.  ( Website


The soundtrack 8 Mile of the 2002 biopic about rapper, songwriter Eminem tops the US album charts.

The film wins an Academy Award for Best Original Song, Lose Yourself. By late 2010 the album has sold nearly 5M copies.

Eminem becomes the best-selling artist of the decade. And 2010 album Recovery is his sixth-consecutive US#1.
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