January 12 – Motown, Led Zeppelin

 Hitsville, USA 

R&B, soul record giant Motown Records is founded by Berry Gordy as Tamla Records.

Apart from dozens of chart-topping acts, hundreds of millions of records sold and its positive influence on music-making, undoubtedly Motown (along with rock and television) helped pave the way for 60s civil rights legislation … and a LOT of romance. Berry on ‘To Tell the Truth’  Funk Bros back ‘Hold on Me’ 
To learn more about Motown and the top-grade musicians who propelled many of those hits, see the excellent 2002 film Standing in the Shadows of Motown.

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Brit rockers Led Zeppelin, rising out of the ashes of the blues rock Yardbirds, release their eponymous debut album in the US.

The album includes two songs by US bluesman Willie Dixon. At first many are not sure what to make of the band, and it gets negative reviews, but widespread popularity soon reverses that.

By May 19 — three months before Woodstock — it’s at US#10. The track Dazed and Confused remains the band’s signature piece for years. In 2003 Rolling Stone ranks the album #29 of 500.

Their ninth and last album appears in 1982; the band joins the Rock Hall of Fame on Jan. 12, 1995.
 ( Website  Best Album Art You Shook Me (Dixon) 

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