January 13 – Chubby, Beatles first US#1, Dylan, White Town

First of all, the Frisbee is 55 years old today … thanks for all the fun, Walter Morrison! (he called it the Pluto Platter)


Chubby Checker hits US#1 for the second time with dance record The Twist.
It’s the first of a rare few singles that made #1 on two separate chart runs. (The first time was Sep. 19, 1960.) With it, Chubby pretty much starts a whole dance craze thing. (Mo lata)


The Beatles release I Want to Hold Your Hand in the US (on Capitol Records).
It becomes their first US#1 hit. Because TV caters to parents and worries about controversy, it ignores all but the tamest rock music. (Rock songs with the word ‘Angel’ in the title were for parents.) Beatlemania is almost exclusively the result of marketing decisions by EMI, top-40 AM radio stations, record stores and teen magazines.
There are lots of people out there turning music into gold. Before the Beatles, very few of them are teenagers. (At that time, teen-written hits could be counted on one hand. You’d need an accountant’s calculator to count how many times the teens were ripped off.) Very few give a rat’s ass about music … including a lot of people charitably called artists.
Beatlemania also accelerates the era of rock albums; previously few teens are able or motivated to pony up for anything but 45s (7-inch singles).


Release of US folksinger Bob Dylan‘s 3rd album The Times They Are a-Changin’.

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agein’

While Bob is mostly a complete unknown; other folk singers are fixing that.



Release of single Your Woman by British one-man band White Town.
Featuring a trumpet sample from the 1930s, it makes UK#1,US#23,CA#2. It originally appears on 1996 EP >Abort, Retry, Fail?. Singer, et. al. Jyoti Mishra was born in India; sadly this soulful innovation makes Jyoti into a one-hit wonder.
But hey, it’s been covered by Wiley (Emeli Sande vocal) , and remixed.   MP3: Herve remix