January – More music history #3


James, Bators

One of the first punk zines, Punk, is first published in New York. It was started by Legs McNeil and two friends.

After four years of doing Punk magazine, and basically getting laughed at, suddenly everything was ‘punk’ so I quit the magazine.

In 1997 McNeil publishes the book Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk.
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Teenagers Jesse Saunders and Vince Lawrence (*) press and release 500 copies of single On & On, the first house music DJ record (12-inch) sold to the public. (*)

In 1985, new Chicago electronic dance music label Trax Records (*) , co-founded by Lawrence, releases its first record, Le’ Noiz (Saunders (*)) house tune Wanna Dance?, TX-101.

In 1997 Chicago’s Mayor Daley declares July 17 Jesse Saunders and the Pioneers of House Music Day in Chicago. Forever. (*)
 ( Saunders site  ( Lawrence site

See also: Warehouse, Chicago Deep House, Frankie Knuckles, Dance Music Hall of Fame


Seattle proto-grunge band Skin Yard releases an eponymous first album (1400 translucent copies). Skins in my Closet 

Along with groups like Soundgarden and The Melvins they’re considered pioneers of the alternative rock genre, which dominates the charts in the early 1990s. ▷AllMusic:Grunge▹

The growth of the ‘Seattle sound’ is well-documented in Clark Humphrey book Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story.
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