January 30 – Octet, Shirelles, Name Game, Brummels, Strawb Fields, Pac-Man Fever


First Gewandhaus, built 1781

First public performance of 16 year-old Felix Mendelssohn‘s amazing Octet in E-flat major, Op. 20, at the Leipzig Gewandhaus.

The work, originally for a for a double string quartet, was written in 1825 as a birthday gift for his lifelong friend, violinist Eduard Rietz.


US vocal group The Shirelles become the first girl group to get a US#1(UK#4) with Will You Love Me Tomorrow (on Scepter 1211).

The group from Passaic, NJ will earn ten more top-40 hits, including 1962 US#1 Soldier Boy. Will You Love Me, recently rated the 101st greatest song of all time by Acclaimed Music, is written by Brill Building greats Gerry Goffin and Carole King. It’s the first of 118 pop songs written or co-written by King to reach the Billboard Hot 100.

Joel Whitburn has named her the most successful female songwriter of 1955-99. She’s inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (*) in 1987.
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Shirley Ellis singalong rhyming game song The Name Game climbs to US#3.

The highly popular song (quite the fad at the time) is subsequently covered by dozens of artists. Ellis will have two more top-10s.


San Francisco British Invasion-fighting band The Beau Brummels enter the US charts with single Laugh, Laugh (US#15,CA#2).

Produced by Sly Stone(*), the track leads April debut album Introducing The Beau Brummels. With a feel similar to East coast band Left Banke, the band’s sound and instrumentation predicts the San Francisco Sound to come; several more memorable tracks are to follow. Fate and The Draft pulled this band apart too early. You Tell Me Why (live) Just A Little

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Filming begins on a promo video for John Lennon song Strawberry Fields Forever, directed by Peter Goldman. It – along with 1966 videos for Paperback Writer and Rain – is among the first promotional music videos.
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A single called Pac-Man Fever by Akron, OH band Buckner & Garcia enters the top-40 charts headed for US#9.

The song is the lead track in their album by the same name. Each track is is about a different classic arcade game; the album sells 900,000 copies. Thanks largely to Columbia Records mismanagement, the band remains a one-hit-wonder.

Much later the duo performs the track Wreck-It Ralph for the 2012 Disney animated film.
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