February 5 – Shirelles, Mother & Child, ASAP


Shirelles, 1962

US girl group The Shirelles soar to US#1, UK#3 with touching song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

King, Goffin

Shirley Owens sings the lead. This first US#1 for an all-girl group is one of hundreds of hits written in the Brill Building … in this case, by newlywed songwriters Goffin and King; this is also their breakthru hit!

The song is banned at some radio stations because the ‘lyrics were too sexually charged’. It appears in the (60s pop) soundtrack of 1987 film Dirty Dancing.

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US singer/songwriter Paul Simon releases Mother and Child Reunion, bound for US#4,CA#4,UK#5.

Inspired by a restaurant menu, (*) reggae before reggae got big, it’s recorded in Jamaica with singer Jimmy Cliff‘s backing group — Paul had no lyrics at that time.

The next year’s excellent Kodachrome (US#2,CA#1) is much like it.

▷1972 Interview▹ Jimmy Cliff  Clearly Now 


Booked for 6 centuries


The first notes are played on a piece of music that will take 639 years to play — on an organ in St. Burchardi church (built around 1050) in Halberstadt, Germany. (*)

The piece — John Cage wrote As Slow As Possible in 1987 — started playing … with 17 months of silence! on September 5, 2001 (Cage’s birthday).

Why 639 years? Because that’s how long ago the church got it’s first organ.
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