February 8 – Buddy signs, Tokyo rocks, Marquee Moon


Texas rockabilly singer/songwriter Buddy Holly signs a contract with Decca Records for himself alone.
Returning to Lubbock, he forms a band (Three Tunes; later called The Crickets) and begins recording with Norman Petty. Coral Records then signs the band! That’ll Be the Day (with -no- singing by the band!) is recorded on February 25, 1957. In August it becomes their first hit single (US#3,UK#1).
BTW actor Gary Busey does a great job portraying Buddy in 1978 film The Buddy Holly Story.
That’ll Be the Day  Vi Petty studio tour (4m) 
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The first Nichigeki Western Carnival, a week-long festival of country-and-western and rockabilly music, begins at Tokyo‘s Nichigeki Theatre (Nihon Gekijyo) near the Ginza.

Kazuya Kosaka & Wagon Masters

Over 60 musicians perform; the event continues through 1977. In 1956 a rock craze was ignited in Japan when the group Kazuya Kosaka and the Wagon Masters cover Heartbreak Hotel; it’s followed by a rokabiri boom.
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Jailhouse Rock 

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NYC punk, new-wave band Television, having

releases its now-classic debut album Marquee Moon on Elektra Records (7E-1098).
Marquee Moon  Prove It (live) 
Failing to chart in the US (…figures…), it hits the top-30 in the UK thanks to NME (which today ranks it 4th of all time). Rolling Stone ranks it #128.
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