February 9 – American Bandstand, Lloyd Price, Pop Chronicles


Workaholic Dick Clark‘s pop ABC-TV dance show American Bandstand is the most popular daytime show. Broadcast weekday afternoons after school (at first for 90 minutes!), it’s seen by 8,400,000 viewers each day.

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The New Orleans sound helps singer Lloyd Price(*) score a US#1 with hoary old blues standard Stagger Lee.

His biggest song, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, topped the R&B charts for seven weeks in 1952. Alas in 1954 he is drafted into the Korean War.

His former valet, pianist Larry Williams(*), is given a chance to record Just Because, becomes a songwriter, and manages a slew of hits like Bony Moronie.

After returning from Korea, Price picks right up and records many more hits. He is inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 1998. Today he’s selling southern-style food!

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Conceived in 1967, John Gilliland’s Pop Chronicles begin airing on Pasadena, CA‘s KRLA 1110 AM.Produced by Texan John Gilliland, the 55 hours of broadcast shows outline 40s-60s pop music.▷Bay Area Radio Museum▹   Audio: All shows, from UNT