February 19 – Manfred ‘Blinded’, George red-handed, R.E.M. ‘Losing’


Brit pop-cover group Manfred Mann’s Earth Band has itself a CA#1 (US#1,UK#6) hit with 1973 Bruce Springsteen song Blinded by the Light.

South African Manfred Mann was responsible for 1964’s Greenwich/Barry bubblegum cover hit Do Wah Diddy. His organ playing adds the Midas touch to this otherwise also-ran Dylan parody. That and years of pub talk about what the lyrics *really* are saying. Lots of people get wrapped up like a douche over it. (*) ▷Songfacts▹

The hit pushes 7th studio album The Roaring Silence to US#10. After another hit with a Springsteen song, they vanish from the charts like a Spirit in the Night.

If you really like ‘Blinded’, there’s even a Danish disco version. Or catch 2006 movie Running with Scissors.

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The NY Supreme Court rules that George Harrison plagiarized Chiffons song He’s So Fine (US#1 in 1963) when he wrote My Sweet Lord (1971 US,UK#1).

Like oh, sure, George needed to cop a tune. My Sweet Lord vs. He’s So Fine  


Georgia alt-rock band R.E.M. releases single Losing My Religion from their 7th album Out of Time (US,UK#1).

The single reaches US#4,NL#1,NO#4 and wins two Grammys — one for the video, which also wins 6 MTV awards. Second single Shiny Happy People released May 6 reaches US#10,UK#6,IE#2.

Their last, Mar. 2011 album proves the band retained all its popularity after 20 years.
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