February 24 – Peer Gynt, Get a Job, RPM, Cream, Fleetwood, ABC


Premiere of Norwegian composer, pianist Edvard Grieg‘s popular Peer Gynt incidental music.
Mountain King  Solveig’s Song 

Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen asked him to write it for his puzzling and profound 1867 play. Grieg turned out a remarkably appropriate score, so widely loved it’s part of the canon.

The play is loosely based on a Norwegian fairy tale. Since 1967 the play is presented each year at the Per Gynt Festival near Vinstra.

His Piano Concerto in A minor is also widely popular. Richter 

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Philadelphia doo-wop group The Silhouettes (originally ‘The Thunderbirds’) clever self-penned song Get a Job rocks to US#1.

And when I go back to the house,
I hear the woman’s mouth
Preaching and a-crying,
Tell me that I’m lying
‘Bout a job that I never could find.
Sha na na na, sha na na na na,

Released on NYC’s ▷Ember Records▹, in 1973 it’s heard in George Lucas 50s-nostalgia film American Graffiti.
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First issue of RPM Weekly (*), a Canadian record industry magazine. (*)

The ‘publication, bible and conscience’ of the industry lasts until November 13, 2000. One of its accomplishments is the formation of the Juno Awards; the first ceremony in Toronto on Feb. 23, 1970 was called the Gold Leaf Awards.

The first Canadian pop-music charts were started on May 27, 1957 when Toronto AM radio station CHUM began charting Top 10 hits (later Top 50) on its Weekly Hit Parade, published for 1,512 consecutive weeks until 1986. (*)  ( Juno site

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Brit rock supergroup Cream first gets a song Sunshine of Your Love on the US charts.

Released on 2nd album Disraeli Gears (UK#5,AU#1,US#4), the single rises to US#36, leaves the charts, and returns in July to reach US#5. Rolling Stone ranks the album #112 of its Top 500 songs. Another popular single is White Room, from August followup, double album Wheels of Fire (US,CA,AU#1,UK#3).

While they disband after 4 albums, the ‘disappointing supergroup’ sells 15 million records. The customer’s always right.


London band Fleetwood Mac, led by Peter Greene (ex-Mayall’s Bluesbreakers), releases its all-blues first, self-titled album. Shake Your Moneymaker 

The UK#4 album is almost ignored in the US. It isn’t until 1975 that the band gets it’s first US#1 — and 3 top-20 singles — with its eponymous TENTH album (after it climbs the chart for a year). Rhiannon 

FM follows that up with 5 more US top-ten albums. It breaks up in acrimony in 1991.
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Gary, Indiana teenaged vocal group The Jackson 5 release their song ABC on a 45 RPM Motown record.

From their 2nd, US#4 album, it tops the US charts in April (UK#8); the other single The Love You Save does likewise in July. (UK#4) (The group’s first single Big Boy was released on Jan. 30, 1968.) All told the group makes 22 top-40 singles.

The group is inducted into the Rock HoF in 1997.
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