March 5 – Rocket 88, Morrison warrant, Sullivan vanishes, The Power


Delta Cats (Brenston upper left, Turner center)

Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm record the song Rocket 88 at 28 year-old Sam Phillips‘ Memphis Recording Service.

Some consider it the first true rock and roll record. When released on Chess 1458 — named for a flashy new Oldsmobile model — it’s credited to singer-saxophonist Jackie Brenston (who sang the vocal) and his Delta Cats. Whatever you callem, it climbs to USR&B#1 and sells a reported half-million copies. In another year, Phillips would start up Sun Records.

▷Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner, Delta Rhythm Kings▹

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A warrant is issued in Miami, FL for The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison … for supposedly exposing himself at a March 1 concert.

He turns himself in on April 4. In 1970 he’s sentenced to eight months of hard labor, and for some reason decides to tour Europe.

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 Welcome to the Motel Santa Rosa 

On the way to Nashville, LA country singer Jim Sullivan checks into a motel in Santa Rosa, NM.

Two days later his VW Bug, with his guitar inside, is found in the desert 20 miles SE of Santa Rosa . Two years of search parties turn up nothing. (*) (*)

Reportedly Sullivan was in the commune scene of the late 60s classic film Easy Rider. Spooky. His 1969 first album ‘UFO’, (*) backed up by The Wrecking Crew (heard on The Byrds classic Mr. Tambourine Man), has been re-released.


German eurodance project Snap! has a European Hot 100 Singles (USDance,UK,NL, CH#1, international top-5) hit with The Power.

It’s definitely the only #1 single to start with a line recorded from a Russian shortwave transmission.