March 8 – Pirate radio, CD introduced, Beck


Mi Amigo, 1974

Swedish so-called ‘pirate radio’ (then completely legal) station Radio Nord begins broadcasting offshore of Stockholm.
The ship MV Mi Amigo, aka Olga, Bon Jour, and Magda Maria had been equipped with two 10-kW transmitters in Denmark. Because of a new Swedish law, broadcasts end Jun 30, 1962. She sails to Galveston, TX for a year.
On May 12, 1964 she briefly becomes the home of Radio Atlanta offshore of Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. After Jul 2, 1964, still offshore of Essex, she becomes an actual pirate station — Radio Caroline South. Broadcasting continues until the ship sinks in a storm, Mar. 20, 1980. The four broadcasters are rescued.


Philips gives the first public demonstration of the digital audio Compact Disk.
It’s a spin-off of Laserdisc technology. The first music CD is released on October , 1982 (Billy Joel album 52nd Street).
The pioneering Dutch electronics company introduced the first cassette tape in 1963 and the first video cassette recorder in 1972.  ~ The CD Story  


US alt-rock singer-songwriter Beck releases single Loser.
While it does nowhere, it leads to Beck being picked up by major label DGC Records; on re-release it becomes an international top-20. It’s found on third studio album Mellow Gold released Mar. 1, 1994.
Since he’s landed 16 singles in the US-Alt top-40. Most recent album Modern Guilt makes US#4,CA#4 in 2008. Gamma Ray 
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