March 20 – Joan Jett, Madonna (Vogue)


Los Angeles rockers Joan Jett and the Blackhearts chart their first & only US#1 (CA,AU,AT#1,UK#4) with I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll. ▷Songfacts▹
The song was written and released in 1975 by Brit trio The Arrows. Jett hears it (on TV) while she’s touring England with the all-girl glitter-punk Runaways in ’76. When they aren’t interested in recording it, she records it in ’79 with ex-Pistols Paul Cook and Steve Jones. ▷Songfacts▹

It joins the club of Weird Al parodies when he releases I Love Rocky Road in 1983.
The track is from Jett’s 2nd studio album, which makes US#2,NZ#1. The album also includes the often-covered Crimson and Clover (a 1968 US#1 for Tommy James and the Shondells); the single reaches US#7.
The band releases 14th studio album Sinner in 2006.
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US singer Madonna releases dance-pop single Vogue from her album I’m Breathless.
It’s inspired by a dance called Vogue which emerged in Harlem in the 1960s. It grew popular again in the house music scene in NYC from 1989-92. Madonna was introduced to the dance at NYC’s Sound Factory club.
The song tops the charts in over 30 countries; her eighth US#1, it becomes the best-selling single of 1990. ▷DM:Dream Queens▹
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