March 23 – Mozart ‘Haffner’, Gliere ‘Ilya’, Crimson ‘Lark’, Usher


Premiere of one of Mozart‘s most joyous (depending on the conductor) works, his 1782 Symphony No. 35, ‘Haffner’ in the Burgtheater in Vienna.
It begins life as a rush job on a commission that he probably was too busy to finish on time (what with a move, an opera, wedding plans and all). So, he recycles it as a symphony — also not finished on time.
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Premiere of Russian composer Reinhold Gliere‘s long, dark, magical third symphony Ilya Murometz in Moscow, Emil Cooper conducting.
Gliere, the second son of a wind instrument maker, enters the Moscow Conservatory in 1894. The 90+ minute symphony (in B minor, Op.42), written in 1911, depicts the adventures of Kievan Rus’ folk hero Ilya Muromets. Downes:1-8 
Gliere becomes and remains a Professor of Composition until his retirement in 1941. Two students: Prokofiev and Khachaturian. 1927 ballet The Red Poppy remains popular. Russian Sailor’s Dance 
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King Crimson releases 5th, prog rock studio album Larks’ Tongues in Aspic.
Besides Fripp, drummer Bill Bruford is heard on the first of his 7 albums, as is David Cross on violin and mellotron for his first of two.

I might have known it was going to be an interesting ride when the first of the two gifts (Fripp) gave me in some 35 years was a book called Initiation into Hermetics. — Bruford

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Release of US R&B singer Usher‘s fourth studio hip hop and crunk album Confessions.
The second best-selling album of the 2000s (an international top-10, 8M copies), it scores 4 US#1 singles — Yeah! and Burn combined hold US#1 for 20 weeks — a record for a solo artist. The album wins Usher a 2005 R&B Grammy.
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