March 24 – Palace Theater & vaudeville, New Edition, Girls Wanna Have Fun


Opening of the Palace Theatre on Broadway in NYC, at one time the mecca of every US variety act, and for decades the center of vaudeville.
In its heyday it runs 2 shows a day at $2 a show. By 1932 the Depression has it running 4 shows and charging $1. It becomes a movie theatre that year; in 1950 it becomes a theatre for musical comedy.
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Boston’s R&B “progenitors of the boy band movement”, teenaged New Edition, release single Candy Girl.
Just in time for MTV, from the UK#1,USR&B#1 album of the same name ▷Songfacts▹, in May the single becomes a US,UK#1. Five more albums are released by 1997, many resulting in USR&B top-10 singles.


Six years after her first single was released, 31-year-old US singer Cindy Lauper has a massive hit with Girls Just Want to Have Fun.
Way to bounce back! In 1985 she takes home the Grammy for Best New Artist after debut album She’s So Unusual (released Oct. 14, 1983) puts four US top-5 singles on the charts (first female to do that). Time After Time