March 28 – Radio Caroline’s first broadcast


Owing undoubtedly to the high excitement of listening to government-run BBC radio, Radio Caroline makes its first pirate radio transmissions offshore of Felixtowe (100 mi NE of London) on 1520 kilocycles.

The ship is the former Danish ferry Fredericia. The most famous offshore station (named for JFK’s daughter) was created by Irish businessman Ronan O’Rahilly — owner of the Mod Scene Club in London’s Soho district (home of DJ Guy Stevens (*) (*)) and manager of music acts like Georgie Fame. Another investor was Queen Magazine.

If teenagers like me wanted to hear The Beatles or the Rolling Stones, we had to listen to radio stations outside Britain which meant hiding under bedclothes late at night with a transistor radio trying to tune in to a feeble, crackly signal. —  Tom Edwards (*)

Among Caroline’s early DJs are Christopher Moore, Tony Blackburn and Simon Dee. The station (which soon had offshore competitors) is taken off-air in 1968, returns from 1972 until the ship sinks in 1980, and returns in a new ship from 1983-1991. (*)

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