April 2 – Erik Satie, songwriter Diane Warren


Santiago Rusinol, 1891

22-year-old Erik Satie — French composer, pianist, author — completes the third of his three Gymnopédies for piano.
Quiet, meditative, wistful, in triple-meter and in style and form they are quite new. The three are essentially variations on each other. Two of them are orchestrated by Claude Debussy in February, 1897.
Varsano:Gym. #1  Debussy: Gym. #3 
Those meditative tunes written in his youth were just the beginning of Satie’s continuing innovations.

in 1902, Ambient music was born. Erik Satie and his cronies, after begging everyone in the gallery to ignore them, broke out into what they called Furniture Music — that is, background music — music as wallpaper, music to be purposely not listened to. The patrons of the gallery, thrilled to see musicians performing in their midst, ceased talking and politely watched, despite Satie’s frantic efforts to get them to pay no attention. ▷Ubuweb:Satie▹

In 1905 Satie goes back to school to learn counterpoint and theory. In 1917 his ballet Parade is premiered by Sergei Diaghilev with costumes and sets by Pablo Picasso. It causes a scandal, and Satie is finally famous.

He was certainly the oddest person I have ever known, but the most rare and consistently witty person too… With his pince-nez, umbrella and galoshes he looked a perfect schoolmaster. — Stravinsky

Relache (1924, 32m) 

Solitaire, sung by US singer-songwriter Laura Branigan, hits the charts headed for US#7.

Diane Warren

It’s Branigan’s 2nd hit following 1982’s disco-ish Gloria. More significantly it launches the career of L.A. pop songwriter Diane Warren. Beginning as a teenage guitarist, she needed a decade of persistence to get a break. Since, she’s created than 100 romantic pop hits.
Stars she’s penned for and their hits include Celine Dion‘s Because You Loved Me (US,AU,CA#1, Grammy winner), LeAnn Rimes‘s How Do I Live (UK#7, US#2), and Toni Braxton‘s international top-5 Un-Break My Heart. In 2001 Diane is inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Recently she wrote I Was Here (which she calls ‘probably my favorite thing’) for Beyonce.
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