April – More Music History #1 – ‘Mockingbird’, First album?


Music store owner and music teacherSeptimus Winner (*) writes one of his most popular ballads, Listen to the Mockingbird.
His ballads are published using the pseudonym Alice Hawthorne; the first printing (only) includes a melody credit to Richard Milbourne. (*) The song sells 20 million sheet copies by 1905.

She’s sleeping now in the valley
In the valley, my sweet Halley
She’s sleeping now in the valley
And the Mockingbird is singing where she lies ▷Lyrics▹

It’s reportedly one of Abe Lincoln’s favorites.
Winner also wrote ‘Whispering Hope’, ‘Ten Little Injuns‘ and ‘Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone’. Winner’s lifetime output includes more than 200 music instruction books for 23 separate instruments. 68 years after his 1902 death he’s inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame(*).
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Odeon’s distinguished label

The English branch of Germany‘s Odeon Records (*) releases what’s arguably the first record album.
The four-disk set (seven sides) in ‘special’ packaging is a recording of Tchaikovsky‘s Nutcracker Suite, performed by London Palace Orchestra (40 players) conducted by Hermann Finck. Odeon had manufactured the first double-sided records in 1904.
The Nutcracker is not the first multi-disk set: that honor goes to a 1903 HMV 40-disk recording of Verdi opera Ernani.
Odeon was created by the International Talking Machine Co. in 1903 to sell double-sided discs for Zonophone. In 1904 Odeon is acquired by the Carl Lindstrom Company.
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