April 8 – The Clash, The Damned


English rock band The Clash release their first, eponymous album in the UK. (UK#12)
White Riot, live 1978 

A US version isn’t released for 2 years; by then the UK original is the best-selling import album of all time.

Critic Robert Christgau named it his favorite album of the 1970s. The band makes the US top-10 in 1982 with Rock the Casbah.

 Meantime ... same day 

London punk rock group The Damned, the first britpunkers to tour the US, play Hilly Kristal punk mecca CBGB in NYC.

Their album Damned Damned Damned, the first by a britpunk band, was released 18 February 1977 by Stiff Records. (UK#36) Neat Neat 

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