April 13 – Handel & Messiah, Hamburg’s Star Club


Young Handel

German-British composer George Frideric Handel‘s oratorio Messiah has its world premiere in Dublin, Ireland. (*)
LSO, For unto us 
Born in Halle, Germany on Feb. 3, 1685, in his early years he was a musician in Hamburg. He becomes a kapellmeister in 1710, then moves to England in 1712. He devotes years of his life to writing Italian operas (beginning when he was 19, writing over 40 of them!). In the 1730s he turns increasingly from the fickle fashions of theatre to concert music, writing the English-language choral works and concertos for which he’s remembered. (*)
Increasingly popular, Christmas and Easter performances of Messiah (reportedly written in 3 weeks) grow larger and larger; one in 1883 is said to have included 4000 singers and 500 instruments. (*) Other often-recorded works include the Water Music of 1717, and Music for the Royal Fireworks of 1749.
He never marries; he collects prints and paintings. In 1824 Beethoven calls him “the greatest composer who ever lived.” (*) Hard to beat that compliment.
Pastoral symphony (LPO)  Complete (2008, NY Phil. 1h 54m) 
 Edward Dent bio  ( London Handel House site  ( Halle Handel House site


Electrician Manfred Weissleder opens the Star-Club on Große Freiheit Strasse in Hamburg, Germany. (*)

The Beatles (playing Hamburg since 1960) are there beginning a seven-week stint (*) which includes Roy Young on piano and a visit from Gene Vincent.
Before the club  —  located near the Reeperbahn in the St. Pauli quarter  — closes in 1969, many ‘rock giants’ play there, including Black Sabbath, Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Bill Haley, Jimi Hendrix and more.
The Fabs earlier played to their exi fans at the nearby Indra Club, Kaiserkeller and Top Ten Club.
 ( Voorman site

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