April 17 – Nelson & Sheeley, Vangelis ‘Chariots’, Prince ‘Gold’


Ricky Nelson records rockabilly tune Poor Little Fool. It becomes his first US#1, his tenth top-40 single.
A fine singer, Nelson is among the first rockers who could be truly called a teen idol, thanks in part to singing on his parents’ TV show, which lasts 14 years.

Eddie, Sharon

Poor Little Fool was written by the first teen to write a US#1, Sharon Sheeley. (*)
In 1958, she is 18 and the ex-fiancee of Eddie Cochran. Hallelujah 
She later collaborates with hit machine and singer Jackie DeShannon. World Needs Now 

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Greek electronic composer Vangelis (Evangelos Papathanassiou) album Chariots of Fire begins 4 weeks atop the US charts.
Written as the opening theme for the 1981 (4-Oscar, including Best Picture) film Chariots of Fire, the single Chariots of Fire will make US#1 on May 8 (CA#4,UK#12) … the only song by a Greek artist to do so.
Much as Tomita had done, Vangelis uses synthesizers as an orchestra; a couple of years later he will be able to create MIDI tracks then record them all simultaneously to tape. The AFI nominated this album and Vangelis’ 1982 (not released ’til 1994) Blade Runner soundtrack on its list of 250 top film scores.
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Prince makes UK#1 (worldwide top-5) with single The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.
It’s found on his Sep. 26, 1995 17th studio album The Gold Experience. Prince’s first Gold Experience was with 1979 3rd album Dirty Mind, although it took five years.  ( Fansite