April 25 – Peter & Gordon, Inside Pop, Chicago, Pacific Gas & Electric, Parklife


Britpop duo Peter and Gordon top the UK charts with A World Without Love.

The song is written by Paul McCartney (who dated Peter’s sister Jane Asher). It tops the US charts in June. They also chart with several other McCartney tunes — e.g. Nobody I Know — and one credited to ‘Bernard Webb‘.

Their third and last top-10, 1966’s Lady Godiva (US#6, UK#16) is written by Leander and Mills.
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CBS airs Inside Pop: the Rock Revolution.

Composer, conductor Leonard Bernstein sits at a piano with a reel-to-reel tape recorder explaining his enjoyment of pop music to adults.

As a result of exposure on this show, 15-year-old Janis Ian‘s song Society’s Child climbs to US#14 on the charts. Frank Zappa and Brian Wilson also appear.


Chicago rock band Chicago breaks into the US top-10 for the first time with Make Me Smile. Live, 1970 

Their debut album The Chicago Transit Authority had reached US#17 the previous year. They go on to make dozens more albums (five reach US#1), and 20 more top-10 singles, scoring US#1s with If You Leave Me Now in 1976, Hard to Say I’m Sorry in 1982, and Look Away in 1989.

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The van of interracial blues rock L.A. band Pacific Gas and Electric is shot at in Raleigh, NC.

Nobody’s hurt. They’d just been heckled off the stage. They’d soon be enjoying their biggest hit, a US#14 called Are You Ready .

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British alt-rock band Blur releases album Parklife, one of the great albums of the 1990s.

Their first UK#1, it’s followed by four more UK#1 albums. In the challenged US: none ever rose into the top 50s.

This is the Rubber Soul of the 90s. If you enjoy well-crafted pop rock, do yourself a favor.

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