April 29 – Third Man Theme, Hair’s to ya, Boyz II Men


Zither player Anton KarasThe Third Man Theme music for famed 1949 spy film The Third Man (#73) rises to US#1 (best sellers in stores).

The instrumental remains there for 11 weeks — the longest stay for a one-hit-wonder. According to the UK’s Faber and Faber, the many dozens of recordings of the theme have sold a total of 40 million copies.

Welles cuckoo-clock speech  ▷The Foreign Film Theme ▹


The ‘long-haired Hippies of the Age of Aquariusfirst rock musical Hair opens on Broadway at the Biltmore Theatre in NYC.

It had already opened off-broadway on Oct. 17, 1967. With kicky feel-good songs like Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In and Good Morning Starshine,

the Broadway production runs for four years and 1,729 performances … thence on to 1,997 performances in London.

A movie directed by Milos Forman was released on March 14, 1979. ‘HAIR has played pretty much continuously ever since its opening.’ ‘Shining, flaxen, waxen’.  ( Website


Philadelphia contemporary R&B group Boyz II Men release first studio album Cooleyhighharmony. Motown Philly 

While it only climbs to US#3 (UK#7), with four top-5 singles, it’ll be nine years before they sink that low again with an album …

They’ve sold 60 million of them worldwide; 8th, tribute album Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA goes gold in the UK (US#27). And the title of their Oct. 25, 2011, tenth album Twenty rightly forecasts that they’ve still got it after 20 years, making US#20. More Than You’ll Ever Know 

 ( Website